Fantástica oferta de doctorado en comportamiento animal en Austria ~

19 de julio de 2016

Fantástica oferta de doctorado en comportamiento animal en Austria

The research group of Prof. Leonida Fusani at the Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, has funding available for a three year PhD position in Animal Behaviour. The PhD candidate will participate to a project aimed to understand how different components of avian courtship displays contribute to signal male quality. The project focuses on Sterptopelia doves and the tropical manakins Manacus spp. Therefore, the PhD candidate is expected to spend several months per year working in the field in Panama and/or Costa Rica. We are developing innovative methodologies using motion capture and telemetry to study courtship displays, and the candidate is expected to contribute to the development of these methods.

The candidate will collaborate with other scientists in Vienna and abroad with specific expertise in the methodologies listed above. Fusani is also member of the Department of Cognitive Biology of the University of Vienna ( The PhD student will be able to interact with scientists and students and use facilities of both institutions.

• MSc degree in Animal Behaviour, Zoology, or similar
• Proficient knowledge of English
• Excellent academic standing
• Experience with fieldwork
• Good computing skills
Further desirable qualifications
• Publications in international, peer-reviewed journals
• Previous experience in studying animals in the field
• Previous work experience in tropical areas and in rainforests
• Previous experience in video and behavioural analysis
• Ability to work in a team is essential

Letters of application including CV, photograph, 2 letters of recommendation and a statement of research interests should be sent to until August 21st, 2016. Planned starting date is October-November, 2016. For further information about the project, please contact Leonida Fusani:

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