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9 de agosto de 2016

5 becas de conservación

Generous donations have allowed Conservation International (CI) to establish two new and unique fellowship programs  www.conservation.org/fellowships – the Lui-Walton Innovators and the Ann
& Tom Friedman Fellows for Science Fellowship Programs.

The Lui-Walton Innovators Fellowship Program
fellowship.aspx strategically combines the collaborative effort of
recognized leaders and emerging talent to address critical conservation
issues at a global, regional and local level. The Ann & Tom Friedman
Fellows for Science Program http://www.conservation.org/about/pages/ann-
recognizes and supports the key role
that science play in achieving CI’s conservation goals.
Every other year, CI selects Fellows who will seek solutions to specific
areas of critical need. Both Fellowship programs give emerging leaders
a unique and challenging, two-year, hands-on opportunity to make
meaningful and innovative contributions to environmental conservation

The Fellowship programs are now accepting applications for the FY
2017/18 class of Fellows. All applications must be submitted online.
Applications are due by August 30, 2016.
Current, open positions include:
• Sustainable Landscapes Lui-Walton Fellow
• Freshwater Lui-Walton Fellow
• REDD+ Lui-Walton Fellow
• Water & Cities Friedman Fellow
• Climate Change Adaptation Friedman Fellow

Detailed descriptions of the above positions can be found on the CI web
page at www.conservation.org/fellowships.

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