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28 de agosto de 2016

Oferta de doctorado con linces en Canadá

PhD position Canada lynx and bobcat niche dynamics - Trent University

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to examine relationships between Canada lynx and bobcat in south-central British Columbia and north- central Washington State. This region is at the southern and northern range periphery for these species, respectively, setting the stage for testing
interesting questions related to niche overlap, competition, and use of prey (see our previous lynx-bobcat modeling work: Proc. R. Soc. B. 280: 20132495; PLoS (ONE) 7(12): e51488; Glob. Chan. Biol.doi:10.1111/gcb.12469). 
Because lynx are listed in Washington State and harvested in British Columbia, whereas bobcats are harvested in both areas, there are also interesting questions to examine related to population
connectivity, corridor use, and sustainable harvest, which we have started to address using GPS telemetry, camera trapping, and prey assessment. The work will involve GPS telemetry, movement analysis, niche overlap analysis, and corridor modeling, to better understand the relative role of the two species in landscapes where they may not be ideally suited. The successful candidate may have the opportunity to develop additional research questions within the scope of the broader project.

Applicants must have a strong academic record and an MSc degree in Biology,
Ecology, or a related field. Preferably, candidates should also have
experience in chemical immobilization, animal handling, conducting
fieldwork in remote locations, interaction with diverse stakeholders, and
analysis of GPS telemetry data. Candidates must demonstrate evidence of
research potential (i.e., scientific publications), a strong work ethic,
and willingness to work in a large, dynamic, and collaborative research

The funding package is competitive and will include a foreign tuition
waiver, if the successful applicant is an international PhD student. The
student will be enrolled at Trent University and be supported through a new
NSERC CREATE program in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (www.create-
enviro.ca). This project represents collaboration between researchers at
Trent University (Dennis Murray; http://dennismurray.ca), Washington State
University (Dan Thornton; https://labs.wsu.edu/dthornton/) and University
of Washington (Aaron Wirsing; http://faculty.washington.edu/wirsinga/). The
position will be closed as soon as a suitable candidate is found, so apply

To apply, please submit: cover letter, unofficial transcripts, curriculum
vitae, and names of three references to:

Dennis Murray (dennismurray@trentu,ca; www.dennismurray.ca).

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