Plazas de doctorado en biología molecular (Alemania) ~

30 de agosto de 2016

Plazas de doctorado en biología molecular (Alemania)

The IMPRS for Molecular Life Sciences: From Biological Structures to Neural Circuits (IMPRS-LS) is a PhD program that brings together two renowned Munich based Max Planck Institutes as well as two leading partner-universities, the LMU and TUM, to deliver first class training for the world's most promising young scientists.

Situated in an outstanding research environment, the school's research activities center around three distinct but well connected research branches: Our students and their supervisors strive to uncover molecular mechanisms regulating biological processes, analyze the resulting complex biological systems and decipher the intricate network of neural circuits leading to corresponding behavioral responses.

More than 60 distinguished group leaders actively participate in the PhD program and offer challenging and cutting-edge PhD projects in the following areas:

> Biophysics & Bio-imaging
> Computational & Systems Biology
> Gene Regulation & DNA Biology
> Circuit Neuroscience & Neurodegeneration
> Protein Structure & Protein Folding
> Signaling & Immunology

Our truly international students enjoy dedicated training workshops, world class research facilities and supervision from faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields. Combined with a focus on early independence in research, our PhD program ensures those aiming for a successful career in science have the very best starting platform.

The cosmopolitan city of Munich is at the forefront of scientific research in Germany and, situated in the heart of Bavaria, uniquely combines tradition with the modern age

Applicants should hold an MSc with a strong background in biological sciences, neurosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology or a related discipline.

Candidates with a first class BSc degree are welcome to apply for the fast track option.

For more information and online application please visit our website:

Successful candidates will be supported with a generous PhD fellowship covering living expenses and tuition.

Application opens on October 01, 2016. Closing date for application is November 18, 2016; selection will be completed by March 2017. Accepted candidates may start research projects as early as April 2017 and no later than October 2017.

We offer YOU:
> Excellent career opportunities in a competitive research environment
> A structured PhD program organized by Munich-based Max Planck Institutes and Universities
> State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research projects
> Individual supervision from research scientists who are leaders in their respective fields
> An English speaking PhD program in an international setting
> Competitive funding provided for international and German students

We are looking for:
> Talented, creative and enthusiastic doctoral students from all over the world with a strong passion for basic science

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