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2 de septiembre de 2016

20 becas de divulgación científica sobre conservación

Wilburforce Foundation, in partnership with COMPASS, is now accepting applications for the 2017 Wilburforce Fellowship in Conservation Science. The Fellowship is a year-long program providing leadership and science communication training, along with coaching and support, to conservation scientists from a wide range of affiliations, career stages, and disciplines.

The fellowship is open to 20 scientists from universities, NGOs, agencies, and other institutions, who work in a relevant field of conservation biology, ecology, economics, other social sciences, or traditional ecological knowledge in Wilburforce's Priority Regions. The aim is to bring together a diverse network of researchers - young to senior scientists, from a range of backgrounds - to form a continuing community of mutual support and inspiration.

Fellows will attend a six-day intensive training led by COMPASS from April 23-28 in Tuscon, AZ, and a shorter follow-up training focused on a topic of the Fellows’ choice (date TBD). The training will provide fellows with a foundation of skills, as well as enabling and encouraging individual and collective leadership. At the training, each participant will be expected to set a goal for individual or collective engagement on a specific conservation issue, and begin to define an action plan to achieve it. Throughout the following year, fellows will receive coaching and support from trainers and peers to achieve their goals, as well as help connecting with target individuals and audiences.

We know the future of conserving nature relies upon a collaborative community of individuals, organizations, agencies, and allied partners who together seek to sustain wildlife and wildlands. The Wilburforce Fellowship builds a community of practice where scientists are advancing decision-relevant research, effectively communicating scientific findings, and contributing to conservation solutions by engaging with local communities, policymakers, land managers and advocates.

Please share widely with your networks!

To download an application and find out more, please visit http://www.wilburforce.org/fellowship.

Applications are due September 16, 2016 and decisions will be finalized by January 16, 2017.

Questions may be directed to COMPASS at WilburforceFellows@COMPASSonline.org.

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