Prácticas remuneradas de investigación con aves (Florida, USA) ~

14 de septiembre de 2016

Prácticas remuneradas de investigación con aves (Florida, USA)

RESEARCH INTERNS (3-4) needed for approximately 6-8 months in the Avian Ecology Program at Archbold Biological Station, directed by Dr. Reed Bowman.

Our research focuses primarily on the demography, ecology, and behavior of the Federally Threatened Florida Scrub-Jay. Interns contribute to several aspects of this research, but their duties primarily focus on searching for and monitoring nests, conducting periodic censuses of color-banded birds, and habituating young-of-the-year birds for subsequent trapping. In addition, interns may assist in surveys of jay populations at other sites, trapping and banding jays, mapping territories, measuring and bleeding adult and nestling birds, processing blood samples, and counting acorns and arthropods.

Interns are expected to devote a minimum of 50% of their time to our long-term projects and to devote the rest of their time to an independent project on some aspect of the ecology of scrub-jays, although some interns have worked on other species. Internships offer an opportunity for experience in every aspect of scientific research, from project choice and experimental design to oral and written presentations. These internships are excellent preparation for students intending to pursue graduate school (see "The Postbac: One or two years that make careers," in Science Careers, from the 10 Aug. 2007 issue of Science).

Applicants should be interested in birds, ecology and evolution, and natural history. Applicants must also possess a strong desire to engage in independent research, the ability to work under hot, humid field conditions, and enjoy working as part of a team. Successful applicants have completed their undergraduate degree, obtained relevant field experience, and are seeking to prepare themselves for graduate school. As ecologists, we understand the importance of diversity and encourage applications from individuals belonging to groups under-represented in ecology.

Internships include room and board and a $100 weekly stipend and expenses associated with their independent project. Opportunities for graduate research also exist. All positions begin in mid-late January but duration is flexible, from 6-months (through July) to 8-months (through September) and some flexibility exists in both start and end dates. To apply, please send: (1) a cover letter outlining relevant educational and work experience, research interests, and how you believe an internship in our lab will help you achieve your goals, (2) a resume or CV, (3) unofficial transcripts, and (4) the names and contact information of three references by 14 October 2017, to Dr. Angela Tringali, Avian Ecology Lab, Archbold Biological Station, 123 Main Dr. Venus, FL 33960; (PH: 863-465-2571, FX: 863-699-1927, EM: atringali AT E-mail applications encouraged. Please note that we are unable to host international interns with the necessary work visa, and therefore cannot extend offers to international applicants.  (Nota de F: Ojo! Quizá haya alguna forma de negociar esto?)

Additional information on internships at Archbold Biological Station and the Avian Ecology Program can be found at the following webpages:

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