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6 de octubre de 2016

Oportunidades de doctorado en la universidad de Lausanne (Suiza)

PhD fellowships at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Each year the University of Lausanne offers competitive PhD fellowships in broadly defined biological sciences, including evolution and ecology. The winners can choose a supervisor among those participating in the program, including many group leaders at the Department of Ecology of
Evolution (www.unil.ch/dee). The Department of Ecology and Evolution is one of the strongest centers in evolutionary biology in Europe. It consists of over 20 research groups including about 50 postocs and 70 PhD students; several of those PhD students are winners of the fellowship in previous years. The fellowships are for three years plus a fourth year funded by grants of the supervisor. A Master or an equivalent degree is a prerequisite of being admitted into a PhD program in Switzerland (but the candidates do not yet have to hold a master at the time of application).

Information about the fellowships, requirements and the application
procedure can be found under www.unil.ch/fbm-phd . The next application
deadline is 24 October 2016; the successful applicants will be able to
start their PhD between May 2016 and May 2017.

Lausanne is a medium-sized city on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded
by a wine growing region (recognized as one of UNESCO Heritage sites)
and within one hour of the Alps. It offers a great variety of cultural,
recreational and outdoor opportunities.

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