Postdoc en detección remota en Alaska ~

16 de octubre de 2016

Postdoc en detección remota en Alaska

The Alaska Center for Conservation Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage is seeking applicants for a postdoctoral fellow to join faculty and researchers who are active in conducting research in a wide variety of disciplines pursued at ACCS (see The postdoc will be mentored by Dr. Jamie Trammell (University of Alaska Anchorage) and will work actively and collaboratively with resource managers and scientists across agencies.

Description of Duties:
The goal of the project is to integrate Department of Interior
terrestrial monitoring data and identify scalable remote sensing
indicators linked to ground based measures across arctic and subarctic
Alaska. This position is funded through a Bureau of Land Management
grant and will focus on integrating monitoring data to benefit a number
of DOI priorities including the Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring
program, Rapid Ecoregional Assessments, National Strategy for the Arctic
Region, Integrated Arctic Management, and Integrated Cumulative Impacts

Duties include statistically describing current resource conditions
based on existing monitoring data, conducting an inventory of DOI data
and protocols for vegetation monitoring, evaluation of remote sensing
monitoring indicators that can be linked to ground-based monitoring
data, and development of integrated products across efforts.

This individual will be expected to lead all aspects of the data
integration project. He/She is expected to be familiar with landscape
ecology science and analysis techniques. Demonstration of journal
publication experience, grantsmanship experience, professional meeting
presentations, and experience with resource management agencies are
necessary for successful candidates.

If you have a PhD and would like to collaborate with faculty and
researchers at the Alaska Center for Conservation Science, please
consider this exciting opportunity. The initial appointment will be for
one year, with the possibility of renewal for a second year.

For more information about this position please contact E. Jamie
Trammell (ejtrammell [at] or Tina Boucher (tboucher [at] at the Alaska Center for Conservation Science.

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