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19 de diciembre de 2016

Oferta de trabajo para bioinformático en Austria

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The Biomedical Sequencing Facility is Austria’s leading technology platform and research service provider dedicated to genome se-quencing in biomedicine – and one of the country’s largest producers of scientific “Big Data”. It is jointly run by the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and by the Medical University of Vienna. To keep up with rapid growth, we are hiring a Bioinformatician or Scientific Programmer who will develop and operate state-of-the-art bioinformatics software, contributing to the processing and analysis of massive datasets in the context of biomedical research and precision medicine.

The Candidate
We are looking for highly motivated, well-organized, and hard-working candidates who feel at home in a highly dynamic and ambi-tious research environment. We expect strong programming skills and an academic background (Bachelor, Master and/or PhD) in one of the quantitative sciences, such as bioinformatics, computer science, physics, engineering, statistics, or quantitative biology. A formal education in software engineering and/or work experience as a software developer in the commercial sector is a plus. A good under-standing of biology and experience with biomedical data is very important but not a prerequisite (a highly motivated candidate can learn these skills on the job). The work involves interdisciplinary collaborations and client contact, requiring the ability to effectively multi-task as well as stress resistance, friendliness, and a collaborative mindset. Tasks and pay are commensurable with experience and skills. We take career development of our staff seriously!
at CeMM. For example, we will train the successful candidate in state-of-the-art technologies that are in high demand in academia and industry, and we encourage substantial contribution and co-authorship for publications in top journals. Importantly, genomic medicine is a hot topic in Austria and internationally, thus creating a highly prom-ising area for career development.

Typical Tasks
• Software development. Developing cutting-edge software and analysis pipelines for genome data analysis
• Data processing. Maintaining a constant flow of sequencing data (terabytes per week) being transformed into information
• Data analysis. Collaborative work with researchers whose projects profit from state-of-the-art computational methods
• Data management. Developing databases and web infrastructure to keep track of data, analyses, and projects
• Training and outreach. Contributing to workshops and teaching collaborating scientists how to analyze their data
• Genom Austria. Depending on interest, work with CeMM’s citizen science project on personal genomes could be part of the job

The Biomedical Sequencing Facility (http://biomedical-sequencing.at)
The BSF is Austria’s first and leading center of expertise for next generation sequencing in biomedicine. Run by a dedicated team of staff scientists under the leadership of Christoph Bock, the BSF contributes to biomedical research and whole genome medicine in Vienna, in Austria, and internationally. The BSF is equipped with the latest technology for large-scale genome research, including: (i) two Illumina HiSeq 3000/4000 sequencers and one NextSeq 550 sequencer for production sequencing; (ii) an Illumina MiSeq sequencer for small-scale sequencing and technology development; (iii) a PerkinElmer Sciclone NGS (pre-PCR) and Zephyr (post-PCR) robotics system supporting 96-well automated library preparation for RNA-seq (PolyA+, RiboZero, QuantSeq 3’mRNA fingerprinting), RRBS/WGBS, and ChIP-seq; (iv) a Silicon Biosystems DEPArray, a Fluidigm C1, and droplet sequencing technology for single-cell RNA and DNA methylation sequencing. The BSF is also part of the Oxford Nanopore ea!
rly access program. It is supported by a powerful scientific computing cluster that is upgraded annually to keep pace with steeply increasing amounts of data generation (current sta-tus: >100 CPUs, >1,000 cores, >10 TB memory, >1,000 TB storage). The BSF’s mandate includes a strong focus on technology develop-ment, contribution to study design and bioinformatic data analysis, as well as training and teaching best practices in sequencing tech-nology and genomic medicine. Furthermore, it supports biomedical scientists and clinicians in the development of custom NGS protocols and in the bioinformatic analysis of the resulting datasets. The BSF also leads the genome sequencing for Genom Austria (http://genomaustria.at/), Austria’s Personal Genome Project.

The Institute (http://www.cemm.at)
CeMM is an international research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a founding member of EU-LIFE. It has an outstand-ing track record of top-notch science (last five years: 10 papers in Nature/Cell/Science/NEJM, >20 papers in Nature/Cell sister jour-nals) and medical translation. With just over a hundred researchers, CeMM provides a truly collaborative and personal environment, while maintaining critical mass and all relevant technologies. Research at CeMM focuses on cancer, inflammation, and immune disor-ders. CeMM is located at the center of one of the largest medical campuses in Europe, within walking distance of Vienna’s historical city center. A study by “The Scientist” placed CeMM among the top-5 best places to work in academia world-wide (http://the-scientist.com/2012/08/01/best-places-to-work-academia-2012). Vienna is frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. It is a Unit-ed Nations city with a large English-speaking community. The offi!
cial language at CeMM is English, and more than 30 different nation-alities are represented at the institute.

Please apply online (https://cemm.jobbase.io/job/a1mq0yxp) with cover letter, CV, academic transcripts, and contact details of 3 referees. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Any application received by 28 January 2017 will be considered. Start dates are very flexible.

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