Postdoc en patología de plantas (Suecia) ~

5 de diciembre de 2016

Postdoc en patología de plantas (Suecia)

Wild and cultivated strawberries are attacked by several fungal pathogens, and herbivores. Wild plant genotypes may vary in resistance against these enemies. Ideally, however, future cultivated varieties should carry resistance to multiple pathogens and pests simultaneously.

The first aim of this postdoc project is to screen wild Fragaria vesca genotypes for resistance against 1-3 fungal pathogens (including Diplocarpon earlianum). The wild plant genotypes are already known to vary in other important traits, including resistance to insect herbivores. The second aim is to start investigating the genetics behind resistance.

The postdoc will join an interdisciplinary group aiming at elucidating the multifunctional roles of plant resistance for pathogens, insect herbivores, pollinators, and fruit quality.

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Johan A. Stenberg
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Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
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