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1 de enero de 2017

7 plazas de técnico ornitólogo en Canadá

Technicians are needed to survey songbird communities in the boreal forests of northern Alberta. Two projects will evaluate the impacts of oil sands activities on forest landbird populations throughout the Oil Sands Area.
Point count project: technicians will work in teams of 2-3 and live in remote, tent-based camps that may be relocated to different survey areas every few days. Some helicopter-based surveys may also be conducted. Distance-based point-count surveys and recording units will be used to quantify avian abundance. Habitat and vegetation sampling may also be conducted. Technicians will be responsible for identifying suitable camp locations and assessing access to survey areas on an ongoing basis while in the field.
Territory-mapping project: technicians will work in a team of six-eight to map territory locations relative to disturbance features in several study areas. Most data will be collected using spot mapping and intensive following of individual birds, but the project may also incorporate banding and radio-telemetry. Habitat and vegetation sampling may also be conducted.

Employment period will be 90 work days compressed into roughly 3-months beginning in early May, 2017. Work will be highly rewarding but also physically demanding. Technicians should expect very early mornings, long/variable working days, uncooperative weather, difficult terrain, wildlife encounters (including bears), and persistent insects. Food, transportation (via 4x4 truck, ATV and/or helicopter) and accommodation will be provided while in the field. Crew members are responsible for accommodation in Edmonton for the duration of the position.

Wage: $4,400.00 per month (approximate) × 3 months, plus overtime pay for weekends worked in the field

Required skills and experience:
Previous experience (≥ 2 field seasons) conducting avian monitoring field programs, preferably in the boreal forest region.
Ability to identify boreal forest landbirds by sight and sound.
Experience living and working in remote field camps for extended periods of time.
Demonstrated ability to work independently.
Applicants must be in excellent physical condition and must be comfortable working independently under diverse and often adverse conditions including biting insects, heat, cold, wet and bears.
Experience navigating in forest regions using GPS, map and compass.
Job offers are conditional on passing a security screening and Health Canada medical examination.
Applicants must be Canadian Citizens or hold valid working permits for Canada and must have a valid Class 5 driver’s license or equivalent (e.g. 5L in Manitoba or G in Ontario)
Essential character traits include initiative, thoroughness, dependability and effective interpersonal skills.

Additional preferred skills:
Experience supervising fieldwork and handling field logistics, such as creating sampling/survey schedules, coordinating travel and daily activities, summarizing data and providing regular status updates.
Experience conducting vegetation surveys and/or ability to identify vascular plants and ecosite communities.
Experience in the safe operation of off-road vehicles (4x4 trucks, ATVs, and trailers).
Experience entering, verifying, and managing scientific data using Excel or Access.

How to apply: Please include clear and concise examples of relevant experience and skills in a cover letter and resume, combined into a single pdf. Include in the description: Who (employer); When and How Long (date and time period of experience in months or years); Where (location including city/town and province, as well as the ecological region e.g. boreal forest, grassland, montane, etc); and What (describe your specific duties). Note: Any applicants currently or previously employed in a Casual position with the Government of Canada in 2017 must explicitly state their status as a Casual employee and state the start/end date of their position in the application email and resume.

Deadline for application is January 23, 2017. Hiring may begin sooner as suitable applicants are identified.
Submit your cover letter, resume, and contact information for 3 references as a single PDF to: judith.toms@canada.ca

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