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5 de enero de 2017

Oferta de doctorado en ecología de plantas (Valencia, España)

Applications are invited for a PhD position to join the department of Plant Ecology in the Research Center of Desertification (CIDE) in Valencia, Spain (http://www.uv.es/uvweb/desertification-research-centre/en/departments-/plant-ecology-/presentation-1285896767023.html).
The successful candidate will work on a project investigating the use of biotic interactions as a tool to improve the success of ecological  restauration proposals. The project focuses on the understanding of the environmental filters shaping plant communities in semiarid environments, especially in gypsum soils, and its effects on the phylogenetic diversity and local adaptations of plants in these
communities. It will approach how certain biotic interactions such as plant facilitative interactions, plant-mycorrhizal fungi and plant- herbivore interactions can alleviate or promote environmental filters in these stressful environments. This PhD project will contribute to the understanding of biotic and abiotic filters shaping plant communities under stressful conditions in order to design efficient and successful ecological restauration proposals.

The applicant will be encouraged to propose her/his own ideas and
research interests within this conceptual framework, and in this sense,
the candidate is expected to be highly motivated, and has curiosity and
leadership skills in order to propose ideas independently.

The Project will involve fieldwork in gypsum plant communities in south
Alicante combined with greenhouse experiments in Moncada (Valencia)

Applicants must have a finished her/his degree after the 1st of January
of 2013 and have an average grade of academic record above 7.5 (out of
10). Interested applicants can apply via email
(ali.montesinos@gmail.com), before the 15th of January of 2017 providing
the following information: CV, academic record scores, brief statement
of research interests, research experience and motivation, and the email
of two researches willing to provide a support letter for the candidate.

Contact information:
Alicia Montesinos Navarro
Email: ali.montesinos@gmail.com
Web: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alicia_Montesinos-Navarro

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