Asistente de investigación en comunicación animal en Alemania y Sudáfrica ~

10 de marzo de 2017

Asistente de investigación en comunicación animal en Alemania y Sudáfrica

Scientific assistant position – Vibrational Communication in Mantophasmatodea

Application deadline: 20.03.2017

A scientific assistant position (65% TV-L E13, 18 months contract) is available at the University of Greifswald, in the group of Dr. Monika Eberhard, Zoological Institute and Museum, General and Systematic Zoology (chair: Prof. Gabriele Uhl). The successful candidate will join the DFG-funded research project

Vibrational Communication Signals in Mantophasmatodea: Species
Recognition, Sexual Selection, and Population Differentiation.

We are investigating the vibrational signals of Mantophasmatodea-species
that occur in several populations at different localities in the Western
Cape Region, South Africa, a biodiversity hotspot. Variability of
vibrational calls and morphological characters, as well as genetic
diversity using microsatellite markers will be investigated in
populations of the same species to reveal the present state of
population differentiation of Mantophasmatodea in the Western Cape.
Behavioural experiments will be conducted to assess the decisive cues
within vibrational communication calls, which are used for species
recognition. Field studies (in cooperation with University of Cape Town)
will allow for optimized seminatural laboratory setups. This will
provide insight into the role vibrational communication might play for
population differentiation and speciation in Mantophasmatodea. Further
possibilities of research include anatomical studies, behavioural trials
or phylogenetic analyses. The position is open for early stage
researchers (postgraduate or postdoc) or very dedicated Bachelor with

The highly motivated candidate will use genetic analyses
(microsatellites, sequencing), morphological methods (light microscopy,
SEM, microCT), and behavioural trials (video, laser-doppler-vibrometry).
Strong background in at least one of these skills would be advantageous.

• Either B.Sc. degree + Honours, M.Sc., or higher, in Biology
(Zoology, Ecology, Behavioural or Evolutionary Biology)
• Strong background in Evolutionary Biology
• Practical experience in at least two of the following areas:
DNA-analysis (microsatellites, sequencing), behavioural studies (field
and laboratory; preferably with invertebrates), Ecology (population
dynamics), morphology (SEM, micro-CT)
• Very good English skills (written and spoken)
• Willingness to stay in South Africa for a longer time period (ca.
6-8 weeks)
• Experience in analysis programs for the required data-sets and
statistics are an advantage

The position is available from April 2017 until filled.

For more information please contact Monika Eberhard and send your
application in one PDF (letter of motivation, CV, contact details of two
academic referees, and summary of final thesis) with the reference
number 17/Wi09 via email to

Universität Greifswald, Zoologisches Institut und Museum
Dr. Monika Eberhard
J.-S.-Bachstraße 11-12
17489 Greifswald


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