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6 de marzo de 2017

Voluntariado estudiando biodiversidad y calidad de hábitat en Filipinas

Job Description:
We are looking for a field assistant for our conservation project investigating habitat quality and biodiversity in South Negros, the Philippines. This study aims to carry out systematic monitoring of the wildlife in this region. We will undertake habitat assessments for priority species, including the crab-eating macaque, the bleeding heart dove, the Visayan warty pig, and the Tarictic hornbill. Data collection will consist of line transect, bioacoustics playback, Shannon index of biodiversity and threat analysis in the Barangay of Mantiquel (Negros, Philippines). This conservation project is led by the Bristol Zoological Society and the local NGO PENAGMANNAKI. The work of the field assistant will include a training period of 1 week and data collection over a period of 8 weeks. This position also involves data entry and helping an MSc student with data collection. The project is supervised by Dr. Daphne Kerhoas (project manager), and Dr. Grainne McCabe (head of field
conservation and science), Bristol Zoological Society, Bristol (United Kingdom).

Previous field experience is welcome, but not required. Priority will be
given to applicants with successful experience undertaking surveys of
wildlife. The experience of working in tropical conditions demanding
good physical condition is helpful as data may be collected from dawn to
dusk (about 11h a day) in a tropical forest. The language in our team is
English, but some members are more comfortable with the local language.
The successful candidate must have medical insurance and proper
In general, applicants should:
- be physically fit and mentally strong with very good social skills
- be able to work independently within our team
- feel comfortable living under basic conditions and being far away from
- be willing to live with persons from different cultures
- be emotionally mature, friendly, energetic and very patient
- be able to maintain a positive attitude towards hard and tiring work.

Support (travel, meals, lodging):
All costs will be covered including international and national flight
(upon successful completion of the position); meals; lodging, which will
be rudimentary, consisting of a tent on a raised platform.

Term of Appointment:
A 9 weeks commitment is required, namely from July 5th, 2017 to
September 13th, 2017. However, the specific dates may be subject to

Application Deadline:
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

To apply, email a CV, a letter describing your interests in wildlife
conservation. Please contact via e-mail with any questions.


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