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16 de marzo de 2017

Voluntariado ornitológico en una isla sueca del Báltico

Volunteer field assistant/internship in avian evolutionary ecology

PERIOD: 1.5-30.6.2017
LOCATION: Gotland, Sweden

Maternal effects play a key role in shaping offspring development and are a source of phenotypic variation. Understanding the proximate mechanisms underlying maternal effects is crucial. I am looking for a volunteer field assistant/intern to a collaborative project on the role of maternal
(egg) hormones shaping offspring development and fitness in the collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis). The work will be conducted in May and June in a nest-box population on the island of Gotland, Sweden. It is also possible to make part of the data collection into an intern project.

The field assistant/intern will be conducting nest-box monitoring and
capturing, ringing and measuring chicks/ adult collared flycatchers,
together with the rest of the team (international). Potentially also
blood-sampling. The field work will include long days (sometimes in
bad weather) and work during weekends, thus the candidate needs to be
prepared for that.

Suitable candidates should be hard-working, independent and organized,
possess good communication skills and fluent English. Candidates should
have a valid driving lisence. Experience in field work with birds,
and bird handling/ringing is a definite asset.

We will train the volunteer/student for the fieldwork and bird
handling. Travel costs (from Europe) and costs of accommodation (room
shared with another assistant/student) will be covered. The candidate
will join an enthusiastic team of researchers and students (French,
Finnish, Taiwanese). The study populations are located on the beautiful
island of Gotland!

If you are interested, please contact me asap and include your CV and
a short motivation letter.

Suvi Ruuskanen (suvi.ruuskanen@utu.fi), Section of Ecology, Department
of Biology, 20014 University of Turku.

Suvi Ruuskanen, researcher, Academy research fellow
Section of Ecology
Department of Biology
20014 University of Turku, FINLAND

Mobile +358503256547

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