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9 de abril de 2017

Oferta para divulgador científico en el NMNH

StreamCode Science writer and outreach media producer.
Apply now to the National Museum of Natural History <http://naturalhistory.si.edu/>‘s (NMNH) internship opportunity StreamCode to be a science writer and outreach media producer!

A 3-5 month internship is available in the Osborn Lab
http://invertebrates.si.edu/osborn/ in association with the StreamCode
project. This project brings together a group of invertebrate biologists
to study the fauna of the Florida Current region of the Gulf Stream. We
will study both temporary (meroplanktonic) and permanent (holoplaktonic)
residents of the water column. The intern will be based in Washington,
DC and participate in at least one week long trip to the Smithsonian
Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Duties include:

* Conducting field research with the biologists to gain personal
experience with biodiversity and invertebrate zoology methods,
* Documenting the field and laboratory processes for the
general public,
* Interviewing other project participants about their particular
specialties, interests and goals for the project,
* Organizing and databasing all images associated with the project
using the FileMakerPro template already in use in the Osborn lab
* Choosing and preparing all images for publication in conjunction
with stories and posts produced,
* Plan and publish a steady stream of stories on StreamCode with the
Smithsonian NMNH outreach, Ocean Portal, and IZ social media and
outreach personnel
* Write blog stories for the NMNH blog, Ocean Portal, and SI-IZ
Facebook about the project
* Write twitter posts about the project

Experience interpreting primary research for the public and twitter format
and strategies. Use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Experience with
databases in Microsoft Excel.

Learning Objectives:
Learn to gather information through participation in primary and secondary
research and interviews to produce quality scientific outreach material.
Learn to edit and prepare images for publication, including scientific
illustrations, videos, and diagrams. Interact with staff across the NMNH
to integrate outreach efforts with existing programs.

Begins no later than May 15, 2017 (preferably earlier) and is a 400 hour
commitment. The schedule is negotiable with the exception of the two
week experience at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Award package: $6000 stipend
Project contact: Karen Osborn
Email: osbornk@si.edu

To apply please send a short cover letter to osbornk@si.edu with the
subject line “application for StreamCode internship”. In your
letter, please explain why you are interested in this project, how it
fits with your long-term goals, and provide contact information for 2
references who can talk about your ability, potential and work ethic.
Please also attach a brief portfolio of prior science writing and a
resume. Application deadline is 4/15/17.

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