Post-doc position (2yrs) in functional bioinformatics and chemometrics (Sweden) ~

14 de abril de 2017

Post-doc position (2yrs) in functional bioinformatics and chemometrics (Sweden)

Post-doc position (2yrs) in functional bioinformatics and chemometrics
within the Environmental Forensics profile at "Orebro University

Data of different methodological approaches (chemical analysis, bioreporter assays, including high-throughput metabolomics, proteomics and transcriptomics) need to be integrated to filter multivariate signatures, both to predict risc scores, but also to advance our understanding for the biological/environmental impact of combinations of pollutants.

The focus of this position is on further development of supervised learning methods as well as integrative bioinformatics approaches towards risk assessment of complex chemical profiles of environmental samples. We will develop analysis methods for newly developed bioreporter assays and combinations of several assays to improve
effect-directed analysis.

We are looking for you with a more theoretical or programming background, with interest/experience in bioinformatics or systems biological approaches to take existing methodology of chemometrics supervised learning methods to the next level, by incorporating knowledge about the biological background of the used reporter system.

Our team is a mixture of bioinformaticians, biophysicists, mathematicians and systems medicine researchers.

Please apply directly through this weblink:
until May 5th.

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