Postdoc sobre efectos del cambio climático en arrecifes (Francia) ~

11 de abril de 2017

Postdoc sobre efectos del cambio climático en arrecifes (Francia)

*Postdoctoral fellowship on the effects of global change on reef
biodiversity and repercussions for ecosystems services.*

Ocean warming, acidification and other global stressors have the potential
to profoundly change how marine ecosystems function, and as a consequence,
alter the services they provide to society. Reef communities built by
corals and polychaetes are among the most biodiverse on the planet, but
while it is clear that reef degradation impacts marine biodiversity, the
relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning are less well
known. How much biodiversity loss can be sustained, without compromising
ecosystem functioning and services? Are there critical thresholds or
indicators that can help to identify vulnerable reefs and where to direct
conservation efforts?

We are searching for a postdoc candidate to further explore these
questions, by mining existing biodiversity databases and using predictive
modeling that will take both ecological and socio-economic variables into
consideration. The candidate will help to put together a proposal for a
LabexMER postdoctoral fellowship (2 years duration), which would take place
at the European Institute for Marine Studies and Ifremer in Brest, France.
Previous research experience (PhD or postdoc) in a country other than
France is required.

Interested candidates please send a copy of your CV and a short description
of relevant experience (500 words) by April 9, 2017 to:


Flavia Nunes and Linwood Pendleton

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