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24 de abril de 2017

Voluntariado con aves y anfibios en Malasia

I am conducting a project to study the effects of environmental change on montane birds and amphibians in Peninsular Malaysia. I am looking for a volunteer to join me and another research assistant for my upcoming field trip.

The fieldwork will run between 6 May to 6 June 2017 Your responsibilities will include setting up mist nets, measuring birds and amphibians and conducting other ecological field surveys. Volunteers with prior mist netting and/or fieldwork experience are preferred.

All your food and accommodation costs will be accounted for. Upon satisfactory assistance for the duration of the field trip, up to SGD500 (Singapore Dollars) can be awarded to subsidize your flight costs.

If you are keen and are free on the dates mentioned, please send me an email with why you would like to volunteer, your relevant experience, a short CV to malcolmsoh@gmail.com

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