Postdoc en bioinformática en una startup veterinaria (USA) ~

19 de mayo de 2017

Postdoc en bioinformática en una startup veterinaria (USA)

Embark Veterinary

Postdoctoral Researcher

The Company Background

Embark is an early-stage, VC-backed startup launched in 2016. The
company's long-term vision is to end preventable diseases in pets.
With its high-throughput DNA genotyping platform and cutting-edge
bioinformatics, Embark looks to discover and develop a new generation
of breeding tools, novel genetic tests, clinical practice, and wellness
regimens for pet care. The company believes that these revolutionary
advancements in pet health may even have powerful applications in human

Embark's flagship product is a canine DNA test that provides a
comprehensive genetic profile unmatched in scope or accuracy by any
other test on the market today. The test is built around proprietary
genotyping technology coupled with the world's largest and
fastest-growing canine DNA reference database. This allows Embark to
use a simple saliva sample to report on an unprecedented range of
health diagnostics, color and coat traits, breeding heritage, and
wellness predictors. Taken together, these advantages make Embark
"different-in-kind" to everything else on the market today and will
be a uniquely powerful engine for scientific discovery.

Embark's founders are recognized leaders in the canine genomics
research community and bring more than a decade of field and lab work
experience to the venture. The genesis of the company traces back to
Dr. Adam Boyko's work at Cornell University's College of Veterinary
Medicine, one of the premier veterinary colleges in the world and an
ongoing research partner of Embark.

Today, Embark is looking for scientists who will help it realize its
long term vision; a vision driven by a deep passion and affinity for
our canine companions and the intellectual thrill of opening new realms
of scientific medical discovery through genetics.

The Position

Reporting to the Chief Science Officer, the Postdoctoral Researcher is
expected to contribute to the company's scientific vision and
leadership, manage research projects, and help to develop new
analytical tools for Embark's bioinformatics pipeline. Near term, the
company is focused on its flagship canine DNA test to establish a
leadership position in canine genetic testing and research. Longer
term, the company looks to achieve clear leadership in pet
bioinformatics and -omics generally, expand Embark's footprint in
the veterinary testing and pharmaceutical industries, collaborate on
human bioinformatics and pharma projects, and generally drive
scientific advancements that extend the brand across a broad range of
research areas. To achieve these goals a Bioinformatics Scientist at
Embark will:

- Improve and expand the bioinformatics driving our canine DNA
test and research objectives

- Play a role in developing research strategies, operating
plans, and corporate culture

- Conduct research projects in accordance with Embark's

- Assist efforts to obtain funding for R&D efforts

- Participate in scientific collaborations with canine
organizations and with other scientific organizations

The Qualifications

- A strong scientific vision and desire to build a team to
accomplish that vision

- Ph.D. in genetics or related field

- A demonstrated capacity for conducting research in the form of
peer-reviewed research and successful grant applications

- Research experience in population and statistical genetics
with large datasets

- A keen interest in dogs

- Postdoctoral research experience helpful

- Previous start-up experience helpful


Embark offers a dynamic work environment, filled with passionate
entrepreneurs, leading edge science, and a world of exciting growth
opportunities (and dogs!). Compensation for the Postdoctoral position
includes a competitive base salary and equity under the terms of the
company's ESOP. Additional benefits, defined by applicable company
policies include: generous vacation and medical/dental insurance


Embark is looking to fill this position as soon as possible after the
close of Series A funding (expected by the end of May 2017). This
position will be based at Embark's Ithaca, NY headquarters. The
position may require occasional overnight travel as partnerships and
events require.


Embark Veterinary is an equal opportunity employer. We do not
discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, ethnicity, race,
religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume (or curriculum vitae) to Dr.
Aaron Sams (asams {at}

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