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21 de septiembre de 2017

Oferta de doctorado en ecología evolutiva vegetal (Alemania)

The Ecology Group in the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz invites applications for a Doctoral Research Position (salary scale 65 % of 13 TVL)

We are seeking to fill a 3-year PhD position, part of a DFG-funded project on reproductive isolation and drift load in the North American plant species Arabidopsis lyrata, which was recently granted to Dr. Marc Stift (https://sites.google.com/site/marcstift/). Arabidopsis lyrata has become a model for the evolution of selfing. It is normally self-incompatible and thus obligately outcrossing, but in some North American populations self-incompatibility has broken down and led to high selfing rates. This offers unique opportunities to study the ecological processes that drive the evolution of new selfing lineages, which forms the core of the project.

The PhD student will be based at the Ecology lab at the University of Konstanz (led by Prof. Mark van Kleunen), but the project involves common-garden experiments in the species´ native range in Canada. The student will thus stay in Canada during the field seasons (collaboration with Prof. Marcel Dorken, Trent University, Canada).

Applicants should have a keen interest in evolutionary ecology and hold a Master degree (or
equivalent) in the relevant research fields (e.g. plant ecology, evolution). Applicants should possess a driving license, and ideally have relevant experience with large and complex experiments in the field and/or the greenhouse. Knowledge of insects (pollinator identification in the field) is a plus. This full-time position requires strong writing and statistical skills (preferably in R). The salary will be at 65% of scale 13 TV-L (the standard PhD-position salary in Germany). The starting date is negotiable, but we intend to fill the position as soon as possible.

The University of Konstanz is one of the Universities of Excellence in the Federal Republic of
Germany, and is located on a small campus just outside the beautiful university town of Konstanz at the shore of Lake Constance. The Ecology group is young and very international, and works on a diverse set of topics, including life-history evolution, plant responses to global change and determinants of plant invasiveness.

The University of Konstanz encourages applications from people with a disability. They will be
given preference if appropriately qualified (contact +49 7531 / 88 – 4016)
The University of Konstanz is an equal opportunity employer that tries to increase the number of women in research and teaching, and is committed to further the compatibility of work and family life. The University of Konstanz offers a „Dual Career Couples Program“. Information can be obtained from: http://www.uni-konstanz.de/dcc.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact marc.stift@uni-konstanz.de. To apply, please send a letter of motivation of no more than two pages, your CV, a writing sample (for example part of your MSc or Bachelor thesis or a paper), and the contact details of two references to marc.stift@uni-konstanz.de. Merge these documents into a single PDF file, and include your name in the file name. We will start reviewing applications on 1 October 2017, and will accept applications until the position is filled.

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