Pajarea en Costa Rica con los gastos pagados ~

30 de octubre de 2017

Pajarea en Costa Rica con los gastos pagados

Samasati Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary is seeking an enthusiastic birder who is willing to work alone for a month or longer in one of the richest ecosystems in the world: the rainforest of Costa Rica. Although we are near Cahuita National Park on the southern Caribbean slope of the country, traditionally we have not attracted birdwatchers to our nature sanctuary because of our lodge's focus on yoga. But you can help change that! We are looking for someone with prior experience birding the Neotropics who can dedicate time to documenting the bird species found in our 250-acre sanctuary on eBird, creating a new hotspot and consistently logging species on a daily basis.

Nearby hotspots have species counts in the 200-300 range, and our target study period will include the winter migration, when certain North American birds will be staying in or passing through Costa Rica. Our sanctuary's location near large contiguous areas of conservation land should mean the avian habitat is rich for diversity.

Ideal candidates would be available to start by the first week of November and stay on site for at least a month, with flexibility on weekends to visit nearby attractions such as Kekoldi Indigenous Territory, Puerto Viejo, Cahuita NP, etc. The position is unpaid, but room and board at our lodge and local transportation will be provided. International air travel may be provided to exceptional candidates. A 2007 edition of the leading field guide for Costa Rican birds will be loaned for the duration of the position.

Applicants must have extensive experience with eBird protocol, at least some exposure to Central American avian species and traveling in the tropics, an understanding of the solitary work involved in repeated bird surveying, and a valid passport. Knowledge of Spanish is a plus but not necessarily imperative, depending on your interests. When applying, please include a CV, a brief description of your experience in Central America if not evident from your résumé, and your potential duration of stay. Please be prepared to provide references.

To apply please email Seth Inman: sei7[at]

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