Postdoc: Experimental evolution (Switzerland) ~

8 de diciembre de 2017

Postdoc: Experimental evolution (Switzerland)

Postdoctoral Position: Experimental evolution in response to chronic malnutrition in Drosophila

A postdoctoral position is available in Tad Kawecki's group at the
Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne,
Switzerland. We are looking for a qualified and motivated researcher to
study genomic and molecular/physiological bases of evolutionary
adaptation to nutrient-poor diet in Drosophila. The project will take
advantage of a long-term evolutionary experiment, in which replicate
populations have been maintained on an extremely poor larval diet for
over 230 generations. These populations have evolved a variety of life
history, physiological and behavioral adaptations to this nutritional
stress, as well as modified interactions with pathogenic and beneficial
bacteria. Genome resequencing and gene expression profiling point to
candidate genes and pathways that may mediate these evolutionary
changes. The general aim of the project is to verify some of these
candidates and gain a deeper insight into the underlying mechanisms.
Possible approaches include genetic mapping, detailed analysis of gene
expression and molecular phenotypes and manipulative experiments using
Drosophila genetic toolkit. For more information see Erkosar et al.
(2017) mBio 8:e01496-01417 and Vijendravarma et al. (2015) Ecology
Letters 18:1078–1086.

The project requires a combination of experimental and
statistical/genomics skills, interest in adaptive evolution, and
independence in designing and carrying our experiments. Experience with
Drosophila or knowledge of insect physiology are a plus but are not
required. The research group is English-speaking and no-preexisting
knowledge of French is required, but learning basic French would make
living in Lausanne easier. In addition to work on the project, the
holder of the position is expected to contribute up to 25% of the
working time to teaching activities, including supervision of master

The candidate is expected to start within the first four months of 2018.
The position is at 100% (lower rate is negotiable e.g. for family
reasons), with the annual salary of about CHF 80,000 (about US$ 80,000
or Euro 68,000). The position is initially offered for one year; a
possible extension for additional two years will depend on the funding
situation and the progress of the project.

Lausanne is a medium-sized city on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded
by a wine growing region recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and
within one hour of the Alps. It offers a great variety of cultural,
recreational and outdoor opportunities. The Department of Ecology and
Evolution ( is a vibrant research community, with 20
research groups, over 100 graduate students and over 40 postdocs.

To apply, submit a motivation letter, your cv, a description of your
research experience and interest, and the names and contact information
of 2-3 referees. The application material must be uploaded through the
UNIL online recruitment platform at (you may have
to create an account in the system first). For questions concerning the
position, please send an email to The review of
applications will start on December 15 and will continue until a
suitable candidate is found.

Tadeusz Kawecki <>

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