Doctorado sobre efectos del cambio climático en la fisiología (Polonia) ~

14 de enero de 2018

Doctorado sobre efectos del cambio climático en la fisiología (Polonia)

Climate change effects on life history and physiology: intra- and interspecific interaction approach

PhD position under National Science Centre, Poland
(, Opus 13

Study field: ecological interactions, evolution of life history,
physiology, species geographic range, climate change

General theme

Climate change effects on species ecological interactions in
damselflies. The PhD project will address the following questions: (1)
How individuals that hatch earlier affect life history and physiology
of individuals that hatch later in the season and vice verse. (2) What
consequences this will have on species geographical ranges?

Job description:
* Field sampling (Poland, Scandinavia) and larval rearing in
laboratory conditions
* Measuring life history traits, e.g. larval size, growth rate and
development time
* Quantification of physiological traits (Leuven University, Belgium)
* Writing manuscripts


Institute of Nature Conservation in Krakow, Polish Academy of Sciences

* Master degree in biology, ecology or relevant field
* Fluency in English, written and spoken
* Strong motivation for research work (field and laboratory)
* Involvement in realization of the grant, including irregular
working hours (availability)
* Additional attributes: documented research experience (e.g.
publications, attendance in scientific conferences, involvement in
research projects), basics in statistical analyses, ability to work
as a team member, but also being independent, enthusiasm for
working abroad, driving licence


PhD scholarship 3 000 PLN monthly for 3 years (36 months).
Funds to cover travel and accommodation costs during project meetings,
research stays at project partners and scientific conferences.


Please email your (1) CV, (2) a letter of motivation including relevant
experience, (3) two letters of reference from academic referees, (4)
copies of the scientific contributions (articles, conference
presentations, etc), (5) a copy of the MSc degree or equivalent to Dr.
Szymon Sniegula (

Deadline for application

The documents should be combined into a single PDF file and emailed by
31 January 2018 midnight 23:59 CET with the subject "Opus PhD

The pre-selected candidates can be invited for an interview through
Skype during the first half of February 2018.

For more information email Szymon Sniegula,

or go to:,2,research_projects_(national_financi

Institute of Nature Conservation
Polish Academy of Sciences
Mickiewicza 33
31-120 Krakow, POLAND
phone: +48 602 152996

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