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6 de febrero de 2018

Técnicos de campo ornitólogos (USA)

Three Technicians and one Crew Leader are needed to conduct surveys on the central Oregon Coast Range for Marbled Murrelets, a threatened seabird that nests primarily in older-aged forests. Surveys will generally follow a standardized survey protocol developed by the Pacific Seabird Group. Surveyors will be required to work long hours, in the early morning, hike in the dark (occasionally long distances), endure inclement weather, and navigate extremely challenging forest terrain. The position is exceptionally physically rigorous and requires being flexible with changing schedules and duties. Housing and project-related transportation will be provided, but camping will sometimes be necessary.

Location: central Oregon Coast
Salary: $3,000 per month for Technicians, $3,400 for Crew Leader (includes $200 per month to cover food costs)
Start date: ~23 April 2018
End date: ~10 August 2018

Qualifications: Applicants should have a B.S. degree in wildlife biology or a related field and/or a minimum of 2 years of field survey experience. Preference will be given to candidates with prior Marbled Murrelet survey experience, and experience with birds and bird calls of the Pacific Northwest. Training and surveyor certification will be held prior to the start of surveys.

Desired skills include: (1) the ability and willingness to spend long hours in the field (often in inclement weather); (2) the ability and willingness to work during very early morning hours; (3) the ability and willingness to hike in extremely steep terrain; (4) being in good physical condition and being able to hike off-trail; (5) the ability and wiliness to be flexible with changing schedules and duties; (6) orienteering and map-reading skills; (7) the ability to navigate forest roads and operate a 4-wheel drive vehicle; (8) the ability to record accurate, legible and reliable field data; (9) a track record of working in a safe, efficient, and cooperative manner; (10) the ability to work independently and on a team; (11) having a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record; and (12) passing vision and hearing tests.

Additional Skills for the Crew Leader include: (1) demonstrated experience running field crews, checking data, and organizing schedules; and (2) ability to communicate clearly and completely with the crew and project supervisor.

To apply: Please send cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references (including phone and email contact information) tokim.nelson@oregonstate.edu. Please address each of the qualifications and skills listed above in your cover letter. Please attach these application materials as a single Word or PDF document. Positions will be filled as applications are submitted. Application closing date is 9 February 2018 or until suitable applicants are found.

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