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12 de febrero de 2018

Volunteer field assistants to work with European Turtle Dove (Spain)

We are looking for two enthusiastic volunteers to work with turtle dove for three/four months in Spain. Needed for spring/summer 2018 (From May to July-August).

Turtle dove is a species with a strong decline during the last years and whose conservation presents a challenge due to their situation (It is a hunted species in some countries, and their decline is probably due to a set of several causes). Our study will try to determinate breeding productivity, using VHF transmitters to locate nests and monitoring those during the breeding season. Fieldwork will consist in: carrying out census of singing males, providing food close to nesting areas, trapping birds in feeding places, banding captured animals, and attaching transmitters to some of them, monitoring marked individuals, following nests (including through the use of nest cameras in some nests).

Field assistants will work full time, 5 days a week, with two weekly days off, with a variable schedule that includes long days of fieldwork. Applicants should enjoy working independently with a high level of responsibility in fieldwork. Preference will be given to applicants with radiotracking experience, catching and banding birds. Conversational Spanish ability is strongly preferred for this position.

We provide house and basic food expenses. Transportation is not provided, highly recommend to have own car if you want to visit the surrounds (although car not necessary for fieldwork). The field work will be carried out in Castilla La Mancha, in an isolated place near to Cabañeros national park (Mediterranean forest), in a region without big cities. If you are an urban person, this work is not for you but if you like birdwatching, hiking and living in nature, this position is for you!

To apply, send: 1) cover letter explaining your motivation and suitability to work on this project, 2) Curriculum vitae, and 3) email and phone numbers of at least one reference before the end of February, to Lara Moreno (PhD student), lara.moreno@uclm.es.

Institute for Game and Wildlife Research

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