Postdoc con carotenoides en Suecia ~

15 de junio de 2018

Postdoc con carotenoides en Suecia

WANTED: A highly motivated and self-driven postdoc, with strong evolutionary and molecular genetics background, to join the ECCO (Evolution of Colour Communication) lab at the Dept. of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

ECCO (P.I. Staffan Andersson) explores sexual selection, evolution and
diversification of the spectacular breeding plumages of African
weaverbirds (Ploceidae), in particular carotenoid coloration and
elongated tails in the widowbirds and bishops (Euplectes spp.). In
collaboration with researchers in UK, Norway and South Africa, the
focal areas are at present; 1) Evolutionary genetics and physiology of
carotenoid metabolism and pigmentation, and 2) Phylogenetic and
comparative analyses of coloration and sexual dichromatism in
weaverbirds. Depending on background, talents and interests, the
successful candidate may be involved in either of these interacting
approaches, as applied to a suggested project on Coevolution of color
signals and color vision, as well as to other ongoing or emerging
projects. QUALIFICATIONS: PhD in biology, a genuine interest in the
intersection of behavioral ecology and evolutionary genetics, ability
to conceive and write research papers, extensive PhD or postdoc
experiences of either or both molecular genetic labwork (spec. qRT-PCR)
and computational biology (bioinformatics, statistics, comparative
methods). A background in biochemistry (spec. HPLC and LC-MS) is
valued, so also proficiency in one or more programming or scripting
languages (spec. R, Python), and database management (spec.
PostgreSQL). Other relevant qualifications include reflectance
spectrometry, field ornithology (watching, handling, and sampling
birds), and social and communicative skills. POSITION: The postdoc is
funded by a tax-free 2-year scholarship from the Carl Tryggers
Foundation, amounting to 23,000 SEK per month. Starting date: ASAP, but
not later than 1 October, 2018 APPLICATION: Before the DEADLINE 30
JUNE, 2018, submit an e-mail to with
subject heading ‘ECCO PDRA' followed by your last name, and attach
a SINGLE PDF FILE including the following documents: i) A cover letter
describing your research background and interests, suitability for the
position, and which aspects of the ECCO research you are most
interested in, ii) A detailed CV including a publication list and other
achievements, iii) Contact details (letters welcome, but optional) of
two or three reference persons who can be contacted by phone
or e-mail. Prospective candidates will be invited for interviews in
person or by Skype. For more information
contact BioEnv, University of
Gothenburg, Box 463, 40530 Goteborg, Sweden. +46-317863647 (office),
+46-708-641959 (cell)

Staffan Andersson
Professor, Animal Ecology
Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg
Skype: euplectes
Phones: +46-317863647 (office), +46-708641959 (mobile)
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Invoices: Box 115, 40530 GÖTEBORG
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