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7 de julio de 2018

Oferta de técnico de laboratorio para apasionados de los acuarios

The Martin Fish Speciation Lab seeks an enthusiastic and detail-oriented laboratory manager for research on the rapid evolution and ecological diversification of new fish species. Primary responsibilities will involve caring for laboratory pupfish and cichlid colonies, molecular genetics,
behavioral data collection, and specimen curation within the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. Tasks include daily feeding and maintenance of the fish colonies, construction of new flow-through aquatic facilities, DNA extractions and genomic library preparation, curation and dissection of preserved fish specimens, and training undergraduate researchers. Interest in ichthyology, evolution, genomics, and ecology is highly desirable.

Pupfishes present a rare opportunity to investigate the recent origins of
spectacular adaptive radiation and the evolution of novel niches (e.g.
scale-eating) localized to a single Bahamian island despite thousands of
similar Caribbean environments. Our lab also investigates Cameroon crater
lake cichlids, one of the most celebrated examples of sympatric speciation
in nature, and the role of gene flow in their diversification.

Education and Experience Required:

We are seeking applicants with strong attention to detail who are thorough,
well-organized, and able to work collaboratively with other researchers.
Preferred qualifications include a Bachelor¡¦s degree in Biology (or related
field) and some molecular training or experience with animal care. However,
no previous research experience is necessary; on-the-job training will be
provided for all tasks. The successful applicant will enjoy caring for
animals in an unstressful and flexible work environment. Those with a
passion for aquarium fishkeeping and possible interest in applying to
graduate school are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information on
our research, please check out our website <http://labs.bio.unc.edu/martin/>.


This is an hourly position and pay is dependent on previous experience. For
recent graduates, this will be approximately $15 per hour. Work schedule is
flexible and includes some weekend fish care responsibilities, but
approximately 40 hours per week. Part-time, over-time, and permanent salary
position requests can also be discussed.

Start Date:

Early January 2019 if possible. Later start dates are also possible ¡V
please inquire. This position is for one year with the potential for
renewal up to four years.

To apply, please email Chris Martin (chmartin@unc.edu) by August 1st with
your resume/CV and describe why you are interested in this position, career
goals, and any past research or animal care experience. Please note that
the lab is moving from UNC to UC Berkeley starting in January 2019.

Christopher Martin

Assistant Curator of Ichthyology, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

Assistant Professor, Department of Integrative Biology

University of California, Berkeley



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