Proyecto de master en genética de plantas (Chequia) ~

28 de septiembre de 2018

Proyecto de master en genética de plantas (Chequia)

MSc project: Endosperm-based hybridisation barriers in wild Arabidopsis
Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague,
Czech Republic

Polyploidy (whole genome duplication) has played a major role in plant
evolution. Most angiosperms are polyploid, and the model plant species,
Arabidopsis arenosa has naturally occurring diploid and autotetraploid
cytotypes. Diploid and tetraploid populations meet at several stable
contact zones across Europe, where mixed ploidy populations occur. Despite
the two cytotypes being close enough to exchange genes, triploid
individuals are rare.

Endosperm-based hybridisation barriers are known to play an important role
in the patterns of gene flow between different species of Arabidopsis, but
we are interested in exploring the role of endosperm development in
interploidy crosses within a species, and the post-zygotic mechanisms
resulting in the apparent selection against triploids.

The successful candidate will be supervised by Dr Emma Morgan, as part of
Dr Filip Kolář’s multidisciplinary team of Plant Ecological Genomics at
Charles University in Prague (

The main techniques used will be:
(1) crossing experiments between plants of different ploidies and lineages
(2) visualising endosperm cellularisation using confocal microscopy
(3) screening of ploidy levels using flow cytometry

We offer:
(1) additional experience with collaboration with other researchers and
(2) work in the historical centre of the UNESCO heritage site of Prague city
(3) a possible contribution towards living costs in Prague (funding to be

We require:
(1) BSc degree in Biology/Ecology or a related field
(2) motivation for interdisciplinary research at the border of ecology,
botany and experimental plant biology

(1) experience with design and data analysis of ecological experiments

Interested students should contact Dr Emma Morgan with a CV, short
motivation letter and contacts of two referees. Applications will be gladly
accepted asap, but start date is negotiable.

Emma Morgan
Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Botany
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Science
Benatska 2, 128 01 Praha 2
Tel: +420 221 95 1641

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