Postdoc in marine ecology (Portugal) ~

3 de octubre de 2018

Postdoc in marine ecology (Portugal)

Title: Postdoctoral researcher in Ecological Niche Modelling of marine

Start: January 2019

Location: ISPA - Universitary Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre

Responsible Investigator: Goncalo Silva -

Job URL:

Contract length: 30 months

Contract terms: 2.128,34euro/ month gross salary (14 salaries/ year)

Application deadline 19^th of November

Starting date: January 2019

MARE-ISPA Ecology Lab seeks to hire a full time postdoctoral researcher
for ecological niche modelling on marine organisms, particularly on
small pelagic fish, under the project SardiTemp - The impact of
climate change on the ecology and dynamics of small pelagic fish"
reference LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-032209, funded by Investment and
Structural European Funds (FEEI) - through Programa Operacional
Regional de Lisboa and by National Funds through FCT.

Our lab investigates the consequences of climate change on marine
organisms, with focus on marine fish, some aspects of biology and
ecology of a variety of taxa, marine protected areas, and patterns and
processes that shape marine species distributions. The candidate must
be capable of developing Ecological Niche Modelling of marine species,
relating biological data with oceanographic and satellite data.
The candidate must hold a doctoral degree (mandatory) preferably in
biological sciences, computation sciences or related areas (optional)
and must have previous experience in ecological niches modelling in
marine environment through mechanistic and/or correlative methods.
Candidates who hold a doctoral degree in a different scientific field
than the ones mentioned before, but hold experience in the required
areas will also be considered. The candidate must have a record of
publications of merit in one of the areas mentioned above, in
particular, on ecological niche modelling in marine environment and as
a first author. The candidate must have advanced knowledge of
programming in R and/Python.

Please consult the full announcement
4145&idc=1 and send your application to and to

Goncalo Silva

Investigador / Researcher


Rua Jardim do Tabaco, no 34 - 1149-041 Lisboa - Portugal

Tel.: (+351) 966647732

Fax: (+351) 218860954



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