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22 de enero de 2019

Voluntariado/Prácticas en un zoo irlandés especializado en rapaces

Internship – Eagles Flying

Eagles flying is a small to medium sized zoo located on the west coast of Ireland in co. Sligo, just a stone’s throw away from the Wild Atlantic Way. Our collection mainly focuses on birds of prey but also includes pet animals and a small number of captive wild animals. At Eagles Flying we captivate our visitors with daily guided tours, interactive animal experiences and flying display, all of which prospective interns will be able to participate in once the required training is completed.

The zoo is currently looking for interns for beginning in March 2019 and continuing for 3-6 months (or more) depending on the interns flexibility. Working 6 days per week the internship will cover a wide variety of tasks dealing with everyday jobs within the zoo. These include but are not limited to the following tasks involving a wide variety of animals:
Cleaning (of animal enclosures, footpaths and the general zoo environment)
Food preparation and the feeding of animals
Reporting on animal health and welfare to senior members of staff.
Daily checks of enclosures, individual animals, footpaths and the general zoo environment.
Provision of guided tours and participation in the twice daily flying display (if possible).
Handling and moving animals.
Supervision of visitors.

What we offer:
The opportunity to gain relevant experience working in a dynamic zoo environment
The opportunity to work with a wide variety of animals and learn a number of animal handling and animal training techniques
The internship also includes free accommodation (including all amenities e.g. internet, electricity, heating etc.) and ONE meal per working day with the possibility of a monthly stipend depending on the intern´s work input.
The opportunity to engage with the public and share your passion for the natural world, teaching people about the various species included in our collection.

What we’re looking for:
Highly motivated individuals with good teamwork skills, a willingness to learn, a strong work ethic and strong interpersonal and communication skills (essential).
Experience working with animals
Most tasks are labour intensive and so individuals must be physically fit.
Individuals must be fluent in English.
Good record keeping and reporting skills.


To apply send a CV and cover letter outlining why you wish to apply and what applicable skills you offer to the position on to eaglesflyinginternships@gmail.com

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