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25 de febrero de 2019

Voluntariado con gastos cubiertos como asistente de campo y laboratorio en Sudáfrica

*Note from Fernando: This voluntary position looks a bit too demanding, in my opinion... I think it should be properly paid. I would be cautious and ask about details before applying*

Social evolution: Field/Lab Manager position is available, starting in May 2019, at the Kalahari Research Centre in South Africa

We are seeking a highly motivated, organized, and independent
individual to perform wet lab data generation, sample tracking, and
sample export based at the Kalahari Research Centre field site in South
Africa (http://kalahari-meerkats.com/kmp/). These activities support
collaborative research on the molecular correlates and consequences
of alternative social roles in cooperative meerkats and Damaraland
mole rats, led by Dr. Jenny Tung (Duke University), Dr. Luis Barreiro
(University of Chicago/University of Montreal), and Dr. Tim Clutton-Brock
(University of Cambridge).

This position serves as the on-site coordinator for a unique set of
studies that combine behavioral, demographic, and morphological data
with functional genomic and cell culture approaches rarely performed
under field conditions. The manager will be based in a custom-built,
temperature-controlled cell culture lab at the field site, and will be
responsible for isolating blood cells, performing in vitro challenge
experiments, and culturing primary cells from wild meerkats and wild
and captive mole rats. Additional duties include ordering and tracking
reagents and supplies, performing regular maintenance of lab equipment
and instruments, and communicating with other team members in England
and the United States.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience with molecular
techniques and, preferably, cell culture. However, we will
provide additional training in wet lab protocols to the successful
applicant. Excellent communication skills, the ability to work
long-term in a remote field location, and attention to detail and careful
record-keeping are essential. A bachelorĄŚs degree and previous research
experience are required.

We require a 12-month commitment to the position, pending receipt of the
appropriate South African visa. All travel to the field site and basic
food and board expenses while living at the KRC will be covered by the
research project, in addition to a modest monthly allowance to support
additional living costs. The manager will reside in KRC-provided housing
at the beautiful Kuruman River Reserve in Northern Cape Province, South
Africa, along with a lively complement of researchers and volunteers from
around the worldĄXaffording an opportunity to observe meerkats, oryx,
elands, and bat-eared foxes while simultaneously performing cutting-edge
work in ecological genomics.

To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and the name of three references
to Rachel Johnston (racheljohnston7@gmail.com).

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