Congreso de divulgación científica en Escocia ~

19 de marzo de 2019

Congreso de divulgación científica en Escocia

Registration is now open for the best conference in the STEM Communicator's calendar - and we are thrilled to let you know that we’ll be in Scotland! We’re traveling to the city of Edinburgh and our hosts are Dynamic Earth. DE’s exhibits and shows offer the chance to experience the primeval forces of nature as they shaped our planet, to journey through space and time and even go on a 4DVENTURE around the world. Opened in 1999, Dynamic Earth was the UK’s first Millennium Commission funded project to open to the public and has since welcomed over 4 million visitors.

Our early bird rate* is open until 23rd April and a full early bird conference place will set you back just £185 (for a speaker) or £250 (for a non-speaker) which includes annual BIG membership, the conference dinner on Thursday evening and lunches! You can find out more or book your place at

Ashley Kent
BIG - STEM Communicators Network
07 929 789 727

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