Doctorado genético muy recomendado en Suecia ~

9 de marzo de 2019

Doctorado genético muy recomendado en Suecia

PhD-position in evolutionary genetics at Uppsala University

A 4-year PhD-position in evolutionary genetics is available in the research group of Dr. Arild Husby at the Evolutionary Biology, Department of Ecology and Genetics in Uppsala, Sweden. Starting date in April 2019
or as agreed upon. The successful applicant will work with large scale genomic data from a house sparrow metapopulation in Norway (whole genome resequencing data, 4000 SNP genotyped individuals, extensive phenotypic database) to understand genomics of local adapation.

Project description:
The candidate will use phenotypic and genomic data from a long-term study
population of a house sparrow metapopulation (>3000 individuals genotyped
on a 200K SNP array and >30 individuals with whole genome sequences
combined with a very extensive phenotypic database) to look for signs
of selection in the genome, estimate demographic patterns and examine
structural variation. A central goal will be to understand the connection
between genetic variants linked to phenotypic traits and their patterns
of selection in the genome. The project is in collaboration with the
Centre of Biodiversity Dynamics (CBD) at NTNU, Norway and the candidate is
expected to spend periods of time at CBD and also take part in fieldwork.

For further information about research going on in the lab, please visit
the lab website ( or
contact Arild Husby (email: arild.husby[AT]

The Evolutionary Biology Centre (
is one of the world's leading research institutions in evolutionary
biology. It is part of Uppsala University, which has been ranked very
high among all European Universities in the subject of evolutionary
biology. Our group is part of the Program of Evolutionary Biology
that excels in many aspects of genetics and evolution and offers an
inspiring international atmosphere. There are ample opportunities
for interaction with PhD-students, PostDocs and researchers working on
related topics. We are tightly linked to the Science for Life Laboratory
( and have access to advanced laboratory
infrastructure, high performance computing resources and bioinformatics

If you are enthusiastic about evolutionary biology, have a good
understanding of population genetics and evolution theory, and/or
are skilled in bioinformatics you are most welcome to apply for the
position. To apply you must hold a master of science (or your national
equivalent) in Biology or a related field. Bioinformatic skills will be
necessary to carry out the projects. Candidates must be able to express
themselves fluently in spoken as well as written English.

Position: The graduate program covers four years of full-time study. The
position can be combined with teaching or other duties at the department
(maximum 20%), which prolongs the employment with the corresponding
time. The salary will be set according to local agreements. More
information about postgraduate studies at Uppsala University is available
at Rules governing
PhD candidates are set out in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 5,
 § § 1-7 and in Uppsala university's rules and guidelines.

Application: The application should include (1) A cover letter describing
your research interests, relevant previous experience and your specific
motivation for the position, (2) a short summary of your Master's (or
comparable) studies, (3) a CV including potential previous publications,
(4) contact details of at least two scientific professionals, and, (5)
attested copies of your academic degree(s). The application should be
written in English.

Uppsala University aims for gender balance and diversity in all activities
in order to achieve a higher quality at all levels of the organization. We
therefore welcome applicants of any gender and with different birth
background, functionality and life experience.

You are welcome to submit your application no later than
March 20, 2019, UFV-PA 2019/635. Formal applications
should be made using our online application form:

Arild Husby
Department of Ecology and Genetics (Evolutionary Biology)
Norbyvägen 18D, Uppsala University,
SE-75236 Uppsala, Sweden


Office phone: 018-471 4120
Room:1041, 1st floor EBC

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