Asistentes de campo para trabajar con aves en Suecia ~

13 de abril de 2019

Asistentes de campo para trabajar con aves en Suecia

We offer expenses-paid field assistant positions in a long-term project
conducted in the wild collared flycatcher population on the Baltic island
of Gotland (Sweden). Assistants will have their accommodation and other
expenses covered, we also offer a smaller salary add-on depending on
experience and declared period of work in the project. Lodging will be
provided in a large house rented for the period of the field season.

Basic duties: performing nest-boxes checks and monitoring of breeding
pairs; ringing of nestlings; capture of adult individuals, ringing
and basic morphological measurements. Prior experience with wild birds
handling and a valid driving license will be an advantage. The work is
not extremely exhausting but sometimes requires long hours in the woods,
in diverse weather conditions.

Period of work: ~10th of May until approx. end of June/first days of July,
or a shorter period within this time window.

For more information and to apply - please contact Prof. Lars
Gustafsson ( or Dr Szymon Drobniak

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