Contrato indefinido de investigador en biología molecular en Noruega ~

15 de mayo de 2019

Contrato indefinido de investigador en biología molecular en Noruega

The Department of Natural History, NTNU University Museum, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, invites applications for a researcher position within the field of:

Molecular analyses of environmental DNA and bulk organismal samples
(metabarcoding, metagenomics).

The NTNU University Museum is aiming to be a leading international
institution within the field of molecular biodiversity.

The city of Trondheim is a modern European city with a rich cultural
scene, and easy access to breath-taking natural landscapes. The Norwegian
welfare state, including healthcare, schools, kindergartens and overall
equality, is among the best of its kind in the world.

The position is permanent and financed by external project funding.

The person hired will conduct research within DNA
metabarcoding/metagenomics on environmental DNA (eDNA). The person will:

- Obtain externally funded projects

- Do project management

- Do field work

- Process collected material

- Do molecular lab work

- Analyse data

- Publish in scientific journals

- Qualification requirements

Application deadline: 24.05.2019.

For more information, please see

Prof. Hans K. Stenoien
Head of Department, Dept. Natural History, NTNU University Museum

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