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7 de mayo de 2019

Oferta de postdoc etológico con insectos sociales en Brasil

Recruitment of Young Talents with International Experience (JTEE)
The University of São Paulo opened 36 one year research positions for young talents? from abroad or with experience abroad, with the following rules. Applicattions will be made by each graduate school. The graduate school in Experimental Psychology,
http://www.ip.usp.br/site/psicologia-experimental-pse/, which includes Ethology, and the laboratory of social insects can propose one candidate. Contacts before 15th of April and infos at the e-mail ppg.pse@usp.br. the lis of labs is at http://www.ip.usp.br/site/laboratorios-pse/
Other programs at

Recruitment of Young Talents with International Experience (JTEE)
The program’s objective is to enlist young researchers, Brazilian or foreign, with relevant academic and scientific experience abroad, to develop research and teaching activities in graduate programs at USP in accordance with PrInt USP/CAPES Program. It is expected that the participation of young researcher in the overarching PrInt Program will contribute to knowledge exchange, creation of new academic environments with greater cultural and scientific diversity, stimulation of positively actions that impact the quality of human resources being trained and researches being conducted at USP. The scholarship is for an uninterrupted 12-month period. Candidates must be under 40 years of age, hold a PhD degree for at least five years prior to submission, at least three years of a formal relationship with a foreign research institution after PhD conclusion and relevant academic production in the last 5 years. Candidates must not be currently residing in Brazil or have resided in the six months prior to application deadline. Grant details The selected young research talents will need to start their 12 month stay at USP between August and December 2019. A total of 36 positions are available. The grant consists of: • A grant consisting of 12 monthly payments of BRL 8,000 (approx. USD 2,000) • Start-up aid of BRL 2,250 (approx. USD 560) • Contribution towards health insurance of BRL 400 (approx. USD 100) • Economy-class two-way ticket How to apply? The graduate program at USP that will host the candidate (academic peer) needs to apply directly to the CAPES-PrInt coordination at USP, by submitting the Annex 1 of the call for applications (in Portuguese), together with the following documents: • A Work Plan in English, including the planned activities and its relevance, as jointly agreed upon between the candidate and the graduate program at USP; • Concise CV, with a focus on relevant activities developed in the last five years; • Three referral letters; • Proof of at least three years of a formal bond with a research institution outside of Brazil after PhD conclusion; • Proof that the visiting staff holds a doctoral degree (copy of certificate, or alternatively, a declaration from the candidate’s current institution); • Self-declaration of English fluency when the candidate is not from an Anglophone country; • When available, evidence of collaboration/communication regarding interaction between the visiting staff and the graduate(s) program(s) at USP; • Confirmation letter (in English) by the visiting staff that they agree with an uninterrupted stay of 12 months in accordance with the dates in the Work Plan. For those who wish to apply without having any USP connections, please refer to this list of graduate programs that are eligible for the USP CAPES/PrInt calls: http://www.prpg.usp.br/index.php/en/enrolling-at-usp/list-of-courses Contact can be made with the program or, preferably, directly with a faculty member. Alternatively, please refer to print@usp.br for personalized assistance. Evaluation & Selection The selection procedure consists of three steps: I. A formal evaluation by the Graduate Studies Provost’s Office II. A merit-based evaluation by the USP PrInt Steering Committee, based on: a) Previous experience of the candidate for the scholarship, according to Curriculum Vitae and letters of recommendation, in the area of the research project, considering relevant scientific, technological or innovational outputs, mainly in the last five years; b) Merit, originality and relevance of the work plan; c) Coherence and adequacy between the training and the experience of the coordinator in Brazil and the Young Talent on the proposed objectives, activities and goals; d) Impact of the proposal on the various teaching/research/outreach outcomes in the program(s) of destination. Each of the four elements is rated on a scale of 0 (unacceptable) to 5 (excellent). Consequently, the maximum score for applications is 20. III. Confirmation of selection by CAPES (the Ministry of Education) Timeline • Until 06 May 2019: submission of applications by the Postgraduate Program to the Graduate Studies Provost’s Office • 20 May 2019: publication of preliminary results based on the formal and merit-based evaluations • 10 June 2019: publication of final selection • August-December 2019: starting date of the scholarship

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