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6 de agosto de 2019

2 postdocs estudiando arrecifes de coral en UAE

TWO POST-DOCTORAL OPENINGS: Eco-physiological responses of reef fauna in the world’s hottest sea (Position 1: Reef fishes; Position 2: Corals)

The Burt Lab at New York University’s Abu Dhabi campus (NYUAD) has openings
for TWO Post-Doctoral Researchers who will explore the eco-physiological
responses of reef fauna to environmental extremes using a combination of
field studies and laboratory experiments. NYUAD is located on the shores
of the Persian/Arabian Gulf, where marine fauna experience extreme annual
sea temperatures (summer >35 °C, winter <20 and="" br="" high="" psu="" salinity="">moderately high turbidity, making it an interesting natural laboratory for
exploring questions around organismal responses to extreme and variable
environmental conditions. In addition, NYUAD is only a 3-hour drive from
the biogeographically connected Sea of Oman (northern Indian Ocean) where
more benign environmental conditions offer an unparalleled opportunity for
comparative studies.

The Post-Doctoral Researchers will work in the NYUAD marine biology
laboratory https://nyuad.nyu.edu/en/research/centers-labs-and-projects/marine-biology-lab.html
under the supervision of Dr. John Burt,
building on past and ongoing efforts in the lab to better understand how
coral reef fauna cope with environmental extremes. The Post-Doctoral
Researchers would be joining a diverse, collaborative and fun-loving
research group studying various aspects of marine biology (from genomic
signatures of adaptation to community level responses, in coral reefs,
mangrove, and seagrasses), and the candidates would be highly encouraged to
also develop collaborative research with high-impact researchers outside of
the region.

The Post-Doctoral Researchers will be expected to conduct novel laboratory
and field studies to advance scientific knowledge in this field and to
further develop our understanding of the biology of corals and fishes in
this region.

For the FISH related position we are seeking an eco-physiologist with
experience in cardio-respiratory performance of fishes and the capacity of
fishes to maintain physiological homeostasis under environmental
constraints (particularly temperature, salinity, hypoxia). Preferred
expertise include respirometry (resting/swimming) and measures of
osmo-regulation, heart function, blood chemistry, and
development/reproduction. Experience working in coral reef ecosystems and
field conditions is desirable but not required.

For the CORAL related position, we are seeking a candidate to explore the
physiological responses of corals to multifactorial stressors using
orthogonal experimental approaches, as well as field studies. Desirable
skills include experience with biochemical stress markers, photophysiology,
transcriptomics, metabolomics, and/or genomics. Experience working on
corals in lab and field conditions is required for this position.

REQUIRED BACKGROUND (both positions):

- PhD in Biology, Marine Biology or equivalent [only those with PhDs
completed by August 2019 can be considered]

- A strong publication record with first-author experience

- Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to liaise with external
stakeholders, employees, management and students.

- Coral position only: SCUBA certification (Advanced Diver or higher)

DESIRABLE BACKGROUND (both positions):

- Advanced dive certification from an accredited agency (PADI, BSAC or
similar organization)

- Previous post-doctoral research experience

- Experience conducting aquarium-based experiments, ideally in a leadership

- Experience linking physiological and ecological performance

- Ability to conduct multiple, possibly divergent, research projects

- Ability to plan, allocate, and monitor research budgets for projects

- Experience leading IRB/ethics/permit requests for research on vertebrates

- Valid driver’s license in home country

- Boat operator certification

- Current CPR and/or Emergency Oxygen certification

- Fish position only: SCUBA certification

Hiring is contingent on successful clearance of security, health, and
reference checks, among other HR-related parameters. This will be a
two-year position, with potential for extension based on performance and
funding availability. The positions are scheduled to begin November 2019,
but the starting date may be moved earlier/extended depending on the needs
of a suitable candidate. Salary will be contingent on experience and the
position will come with an attractive salary and benefits package including
a housing allowance, annual flights, and tuition for children (if
relevant), and medical insurance. Salary and benefits are entirely tax free
in the UAE.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: The closing date for applications is 19 August
2019. Applicants should create a single PDF file that includes a cover
letter (max 2 pages) that specifically refers to qualifications/experience
related to the items above, a curriculum vitae including the names and
contact information of three references, and copies of a recent lead-author
publication. Please email this application file to John.Burt@nyu.edu with
the text ‘ECO-PHYSIOLOGY POSITION’ in the subject line. Only those
candidates short listed for an interview will be contacted; interviews will
occur in late August/early September.
John A. Burt
Associate Professor of Biology
Center for Genomics and Systems Biology
New York University - Abu Dhabi
PO Box 129 188
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Ph: + 971-50-221-9269
Email: John.Burt@nyu.edu

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