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15 de agosto de 2019

Voluntariado con tortugas en Costa Rica

COPROT (Comunidad Protectora de Tortugas de Osa) is a project initiated in October 2018 in response to a number of environmental and social problems facing the Osa Peninsula. Our primary aim is to conserve the populations of nesting Olive Ridley and Pacific Green turtles that come up to lay on Playa Carate and Playa Rio Oro, while integrating the local community into our conservation program. We are working with members of the gold-mining community that are previously known for causing ecological damage, and are pushing to train and help them develop in order to get paid positions in conservation.

This is a fairly new project that requires driven and innovative individuals that are looking to make a real impact in a developing rural area in Costa Rica. Role will involve coordinating volunteers prior to departure, helping with any travel arrangements, coordinating their daily activities and rotas, planning free time activities, project logistics (food delivery, finances etc.). We are looking for interns to stay 1-6 months.

Members of the team that are able to manage others, and coordinate the activities of the group. It is also very important that volunteers and assistants have an amazing time enjoying beautiful Costa Rica as well as working hard on the project, so the volunteer coordinator should be able to make their experience memorable!

To apply email tortugasdeosa@gmail.com with a resume and cover letter.

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