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12 de agosto de 2019

Voluntariado remunerado con aves en Australia

Field assistant required for a help with PhD research on superb fairy-wrens and their parasitic cuckoos for 5 months.

This project is looking at the maternal investment of superb fairy-wrens
and their parasitic Horsfield?s bronze-cuckoos. This is a great
opportunity to gain valuable field skills, and experience in research
and data collection. Volunteers will be part of the team working with
researchers and students on the project. The field site is in Campbell
Park which is located 10 minutes drive from the city centre in Canberra,
Australia. The volunteer will be required to work 5 days per week in the
field (no matter the weather conditions) and must be physically fit as
they will be required to walk around the park often 10km per day. The
volunteer and I will be working together some days but most days will
require the volunteer to collect data independently in the field and
communicate their findings. Therefore teamwork and communication skills
are essential. The candidate must also be self-motivated, enthusiastic,
reliable and have a good work ethic. Previous experience with similar
work or a degree in biology is preferable but not essential. Volunteers
will be trained in field methods.

Main field duties will include finding nests, monitoring breeding
attempts and documenting group dynamics throughout the breeding
season. We will also mist net individuals so they can be banded for
identification. Volunteers will be required to identify individuals by
their colour band code using binoculars. Other task include helping to
cage nests to prevent predation, helping to measure chicks and eggs and
helping to provide supplementary food.

Volunteers will be reimbursed $1000 per month to help cover living costs
but all other costs will need to be covered by the volunteer. Fieldwork
will begin at the start of September 2019 and finish at the end of
January 2020.

If you are interested or require more information please email me at
claire.j.taylor@anu.edu.au explaining a little about yourself, including
interests a CV with any prior experience and referees.

Claire Taylor Ph.D. Candidate, The Australian National University

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