Contrato predoctoral de 4 años en Estocolmo estudiando selección sexual ~

25 de octubre de 2019

Contrato predoctoral de 4 años en Estocolmo estudiando selección sexual

PhD position in Sexual Selection at Stockholm University


Sexual selection and conflict

A fully funded 4-year PhD position on the evolution of sexual selection
and sexual conflict is available in Professor Rhonda Snook’s group,
Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

Sexual selection and sexual conflict results in the rapid (co)evolution of
male and female reproductive traits, such as female remating behavior and
male ejaculate proteins. A long standing question in evolutionary biology
is to understand the genetic basis of such rapid change. This project aims
to address this question by understanding both coevolutionary dynamics
and their genetic underpinings. This question will be addressed by
investigating the role of sexual conflict and sexual coevolution in fruit
flies. The project will leverage quantifiable female and male sexually
selected traits to uncover their genetic architecture using Drosophila
populations whose genome is sequenced and assessing natural variation
of focal traits in different species. Snook’s group has carried out
lab-based research on these general questions in several different fly
species and the project will extend that work to new traits using new
techniques. Research will involve lab based behavioural and physiological
assays and quantitative genetics, with the potential for other approaches
such as phylogenetic comparative work and experimental evolution. The PhD
student will be expected to play a central role in developing the project.

The ideal candidate for this project will have a strong background in
evolutionary ecology and genetics with a demonstration of capacity for
research (including publications). The PhD student will have opportunities
to learn both general and specific skills required for the project and
opportunities to work with collaborators. This is an international call.
Stockholm University’s Department of Zoology is a vibrant international
and interactive community. Working language in the lab is English.

For informal queries, contact Rhonda on>

Details about research in Rhonda Snook’s lab can be found here:

Details to apply, including more about the project, are available here:

or Then find “PhD
student in Ecology”, “Department of Zoology”

Rhonda R Snook
Ecology Division
Department of Zoology
Stockholm University, Sweden

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