Doctorado completísimo y muy interesante en Suecia ~

4 de noviembre de 2019

Doctorado completísimo y muy interesante en Suecia

4 year attractive PhD-position on integrating an evolutionary perspective and genomic methods to address how insect diversity and evolutionary potential is affected in human-altered landscapes.

The position as a graduate student is at Lund University (
in the Anna Runemark lab, and can be applied for until November 17th.

It is a full time position with a full salary including all
social rights. The PhD-student will examine how within-population
genetic diversity, evolvability and gene flow are affected in human
altered landscapes. We will combine bioinformatics, ancient DNA
from museum samples and field work to address these questions. We
seek a candidate with a background including both evolutionary
courses, bioinformatics or advanced R and with a keen interest in
conservation. The exact project will be developed together with the
selected candidate, and will be undertaken in collaboration with Erik
Svensson, Niklas Wahlberg and Maj Rundlöf. The Department of Biology
( is a highly international working
place with a large community of researchers, post docs and more than
80 PhD-students from around the world. The Department has weekly
seminars with invited speakers, Friday pubs, social activities and
several journal clubs. The Runemark lab consists of two post docs,
a PhD-student and one MSc-student and we collaborate closely with
Magne Fribergs lab with more pre- and post graduate students and
post docs to create a friendly environment for scientific discussion
and collaboration, see more about our projects on our joint website
The student will also be a part of a larger research environment BECC
(Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate) which will
provide ample opportunities for interactions with conservation biologists
and climate researchers.

Please find a link to the application and further information here

Contact for inquiries.

Anna Runemark, Associate Professor
Department of Biology, Lund University

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