Montones de oportunidades muy chulas. Tremendo esto: "94% of students have a job in the field 6 months after graduation" ~

15 de diciembre de 2019

Montones de oportunidades muy chulas. Tremendo esto: "94% of students have a job in the field 6 months after graduation"

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) at the University of Miami is seeking applicants to several Ph.D. research assistantships available in 2020. RSMAS faculty research interests fall under the following departments: Atmospheric Science (ATM), Marine Biology and Ecology (MBE), Marine Ecosystems and Society (MES), Marine Geosciences (MGS), Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (MPO), and Ocean Sciences (OCE). Please see our website for more information about specific research assistantships and faculty interests:

The list below contains some of our available assistantships available in Fall 2020. Please note that this is not a complete list of opportunities. Prospective students are welcome to reach out to any individual faculty member or the graduate program director to learn more.
  • Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center – Elizabeth Babcock, MBE and David Die, MES
  • Impact of Aerosols on Oceans and Rainforests – Cassandra Gaston, ATM/OCE
  • Impacts of Atmospheric Relations on Air Quality - Cassandra Gaston, ATM/OCE
  • Impact of Harmful Algal Blooms on Air Quality – Cassandra Gaston, ATM/OCE
  • Surface Expressions of Deep Subduction Dynamics – Adam Holt, MGS
  • Subduction Zones and Dynamic Topography – Adam Holt, MGS
  • Interactions of Oceanic Currents with Bathymetry – OCE/MPO
  • Climate Change Risks and Preparedness – Katharine Mach, MES
  • Multi-Scale Interactions and Predictability of Tropical Cyclone Intensification – Sharan Majumdar, ATM/MPO and Jason Dunion, NOAA/CIMAS
  • Characterizing African Easterly Wave Variability and Environmental Factor Associated with Tropical Cyclogenesis, Sharan Majumdar, ATM/MPO and Jon Zawisiak, NOAA/CIMAS
  • The Serotonin Transporter (SERT) and the Control of Circulating Serotonin in Teleost Fish – Danielle McDonald, MBE
  • Sargassum Research Opportunity – Maria J Olascoaga, OCE, Francisco Beron-Vera, ATM, and Rick Lumpkin, NOAA/AOML
  • Evolutionary Genomics – Margorie Oleksiak and Douglas Crawford, MBE
  • Ocean Prediction and Exploration Using Machine Learning – Tamay Ozgokmen, MPO/OCE
  • Climate Change: Clouds, Circulation, and Climate – Brian Soden, ATM/MPO
  • Understanding Trade-Wind Cumulus Mesoscale Organization Using Field Datasets Gathered Jan-Feb 2020 East of Barbados – Paquita Zuidema, ATM
  • Extreme Events Impacting the Carribean region - Maria J Olascoaga, OCE

The majority of Ph.D. students are supported as Graduate Research Assistants during their tenure (typically 5 years). These assistantships provide an annual salary of $30,312, and tuition and health insurance is provided for all students. All applications received prior to January 1, 2020 will be reviewed.

We are visiting these campuses and locations over the next few months for recruitment:

December 9-13: AGU Conference / Berkley/ San Francisco, CA (possibly travel as far as Monterey Bay) - Humboldt State University on 12/11/19

January 10-16: AMS Annual Meeting 2020 / Boston, MA

February 16-21: Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 / San Diego, CA

Master of Professional Science (take the same courses as Ph.D. and MS students, but instead of a thesis/dissertation, you do an internship/research in the field with organizations such as NOAA, NPS, NGOs, etc. and 94% of students have a job in the field 6 months after graduation). These applications are still open for Fall 2020 through June (rolling admission):

Degree Programs

o Applied Remote Sensing

o Aquaculture

o Broadcast Meteorology

o Coastal Zone Management

o Exploration Science

o Fisheries Management and Conservation

o Marine Conservation

o Marine Mammal Science

o Natural Hazard and Catastrophe Analytics

o Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management

o Underwater Archaeology

o Climate and Society

o Weather Forecasting

Potential students can apply to both Ph.D./MS and MPS degrees (no extra costs from the original application fee). Just make sure to click the button inside the PhD/MS application. Applications can be found here:

Any questions, please ask! I'm more than willing to facetime, Skype, text, or just chat on the phone to help you out. Excited to chat with you all about the programs!!!


Josh Coco, Ed. D.

Executive Director, Rosenstiel School

Tel: (305) 421.4002

Fax: (305) 421.4711


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