Postdoc en bioinformática y genética médica en Suecia ~

19 de diciembre de 2019

Postdoc en bioinformática y genética médica en Suecia

The School of medical sciences is seeking a postdoctoral researcher in [medicine with specialization functional bioinformatics machine learning for genomic medicine] for a fixed-term appointment: 2 years with possibility to prolong.

This position is part of the research group Functional Bioinformatics ( and closely associated with the Cardiovascular Research Centre ( at the School of Medical Sciences.

Duties and responsibilities include Bioinformatics data analysis and research, implementing and further developing appropriate data analysis algorithms and workflows in genomic medicine, as well as systems biological modelling approaches. Different levels of functional data are available from large cohorts in Sweden, together with clinical data and outcome data on cardiovascular dysfunction. Statistical bioinformatics and functional systems biological modelling methods will be applied and further developed in order to better understand the ongoing regulatory cross-talk in this kind of systems as well as contributing to improved diagnostic/prognostic signatures.

Eligible for the appointment as postdoctoral researcher are applicants holding a doctoral degree in bioinformatics or in related subject areas (especially from computer science, statistics, epidemiology, physics, mathematics). The doctoral degree should have been awarded no more than three years prior to the application deadline. Candidates who have obtained their doctoral degree prior to that may however also be considered if special grounds exist (leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, clinical duties, an elected position in a trade union, or other similar circumstances).

We are looking for you who has experience in the field of bioinformatics data analysis of molecular and clinical data. Important competences include programming in R/python/matlab, a sound background in statistics and machine learning, as well as experiences in systems biological modelling approaches in medical research.

General assessment criteria include good interpersonal skills and an ability to cooperate as well as the ability and suitability otherwise required to perform the duties well.

Please apply, until Jan 15th 2020 directly on the website of Oerebro university:

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