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12 de diciembre de 2019

Voluntariado con aves en una isla de Gales

The Oxford Navigation Group are looking for an enthusiastic early
career biologist to work as a voluntary Research Assistant to help with
our pelagic seabird research on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales,
in Spring and Summer 2020. The work will involve several research
projects coordinated by Prof Tim Guilford at Oxford┬ Department of
Zoology. We utilise state-of-the art tracking technologies (miniature GPS,
geolocators, time-depth recorders & on-board video) on several species
but mainly Manx shearwaters. Most work will involve assisting doctoral
students with the day-to-day maintenance of the study burrows, weighing
and monitoring breeding birds and their chicks, and the deployment and
retrieval/downloading of tracking devices. It will also involve entering
data collected in the field into appropriate databases. There will be a
significant amount of nocturnal work, since the primary study species is
the Manx Shearwater, which only arrives at the colony after dark. There
will also be scope for involvement in other conservation and ecological
projects on the island, which is a National Nature Reserve administered
by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

For more details about the position, and information about how to apply,
please see : https://oxnav.zoo.ox.ac.uk/researchvolunteer

Application deadline: 31st January 2020

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