Short Video Contest: Success Stories in Tropical Biology and Conservation ~

24 de enero de 2020

Short Video Contest: Success Stories in Tropical Biology and Conservation

In partnership with Mongabay, BAND Foundation, and the Smithsonian Earth
Optimism Summit, the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation is
hosting the ATBC Short Video Contest on Science Communication with the
theme "Success Stories in Tropical Biology and Conservation".

Deadline for submissions: *** FEBRUARY 10 ***
Submit here:

Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth in all of its levels,
constituting an integral component of any ecosystem. Despite that, we are
currently facing an alarming biodiversity loss due to species displacement
or extinction, especially in the Tropical regions of the World. Humans are
capable of incredible growth, learning, resilience, and change in the face
of challenge. We need to tap into these core traits to step up to the
growing challenges facing biodiversity and our ecosystems. *Create a short
video that shares your success conservation story, biodiversity research,
opportunity, and/or optimism for tropical biology and conservation*. Videos
must be no longer than four minutes, including title and credits.
Creativity is encouraged, and participants may use various forms of media,
including slow motion, animation, illustration, and claymation, among

All three (3) winners will be notified by email on or around February 20,
2020. The winners will be invited to attend the Smithsonian Earth Optimism
Summit <> in Washington, D.C. on April 23-25,
2020. Winners will also have a chance to attend the Earth Day Rally on the
National Mall, which follows immediately after the end of the summit on
April 25. The winner will have the opportunity to speak about their
conservation work and show their video at a summit session organized by the
Smithsonian Institution. Airfare, lodging, and registration fees will be
fully covered but winners will be responsible for obtaining a visa to
attend the summit.

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