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13 de febrero de 2020

Hazte cargo de una estación de campo en Gabón estudiando primates

Research manager for a scientific research base in Gabon

The Mandrillus Project (www.projetmandrillus.com), created in 2012, is a
long-term scientific project to study the ecology and sociality of a
Gabonese forest primate, the mandrill (*Mandrillus sphinx*). The study
population consists of +200 individuals living in a large social group in
the Lekedi private park, in southern Gabon, near the village of Bakoumba.
The study population is monitored daily.

*The Mandrillus Project is recruiting a research manager to supervise this
research station,* which employs 6-10 persons (volunteers and field
assistants) and regularly hosts students and researchers for short or long

*The tasks / activities related to the manager position are:*

-behavioral data collection in the field and daily follow-up of the

-laboratory work for the management of biological samples collected in the

-management of the scientific data sent regularly to researchers

-management of scientific protocols developed by researchers and students.

-administration (planning, payrolls and administration with the Gabonese
authorities, budget management) and human resource management of a team of
Gabonese and European field assistants

-welcoming and facilitating stays of students and researchers

-management of the car park

-management of scientific/telecom equipment

-writing of monthly reports on project events

-management of the relationships with local communities and employees of
the Lekedi Park

*Required skills for the manager:*

-Previous experience in the field is *mandatory* (preferentially in
Equatorial/tropical countries)

-Previous experience in the study of animal behavior is a real plus

-Experience(s) abroad and / or in isolated conditions

-Previous experience(s) in management / logistics is a plus

-Excellent communication skills

-Be *physically* and *mentally* resistant (the field is very rough, harder
than expected!)

-Be open to cultural differences

-Abilities to live in isolated areas

*-Excellent level of French (mandatory)*

-Excellent physical conditions (mandatory)

*Desirable assets:*

-Bachelor degree

-Skills in car mechanics and maintenance

-Scientific rigor

We are looking for a very organized, motivated and serious person. The
recruited person must be ready to live in isolated conditions and in an
Equatorial environment, in an intercultural context. Although weekly days
off are scheduled, this position often requires *a daily investment*. The
hired person must be ready to manage their time optimally for the project.

Because of the isolated conditions, couples are welcome.

The manager will be housed on site, in the private park, in good material
conditions (shared house equipped with air conditioning, water and
electricity). The Lekedi Park is located 7kms away from a small Gabonese
village, Bakoumba, and an hour away from a small town, Moanda.

*Contract length:*

1 renewable year (3 months probationary period)

*Salary and benefit:*

- Manager: local stipend roughly corresponding to a French salary of an
engineer assistant.

- Housing included.

- An international round-trip (at the beginning and at the end) for the
manager reimbursed at the end of the contract if the duties have been

*Starting date:*

*As soon as possible. Auditions will be done íau fil de lóeauó.*

*Application file:*

Please send your CV (with names and addresses of three references) and a
detailed and personalized letter of motivation (standard letters are not
encouraged) by email only to: projetmandrillus@gmail.com

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