Postdoc en ecologia evolutiva de plantas (USA) ~

8 de febrero de 2020

Postdoc en ecologia evolutiva de plantas (USA)

Postdoctoral Position Available in Plant Evolutionary Ecology, Sultan Lab

Transgenerational plasticity

The Sultan lab at Wesleyan University is seeking a postdoctoral research
associate with greenhouse experience who is scientifically creative,
a capable statistician, and interested in current ideas regarding
inclusive inheritance and plasticity, for a grant-funded study of
inherited environmental effects.

The position can begin any time between December 2020 and early 2021, and
will continue until October 15 2022 (up to 22 months full-time salary).

Familiarity with molecular approaches is a plus but is not essential.

The project will continue the lab's work on transgenerational effects
of parental light vs shade conditions in the generalist annual Polygonum

The goal is to examine how genotype, parent environment, and current
environment interactively influence phenotypic outcomes and hence adaptive
variation in a natural system.

Using inbred genotypes raised in factorial combinations of previous
and current environments, we will collect data across the life cycle on
phenotypic trait expression, transcriptome changes, and site-specific
methylation changes, though a combination of greenhouse growth experiments
and molecular work (which will be carried out by graduate students and
another postdoc in the lab). Depending on the post-docós interests and
toolbox, there is plenty of opportunity to add elements to the project,
such as an ecophysiology or field study, a modeling dimension, additional
greenhouse or demethylation experiments, etc.

This work is part of a $2 million consortium grant from the Templeton
Foundation to investigate how environmentally influenced, real-time
regulatory, developmental and behavioral processes in organisms may lead
to adaptation and trait innovation (
The overall project includes 4 research labs including Armin Moczek
(Indiana Univ), Jukka Jernvall (Helsinki) and Deborah Gordon (Stanford),
with each lab investigating a different level of biological organization.

A philosophy of biology group (led by Denis Walsh at Univ of Toronto) is
working on theoretical implications. The grant includes collaborative
travel among team PI's and postdocs as well as international
workshops. For a young scientist who is keen to explore new ideas in
evolutionary biology, this should be an exciting opportunity.

Wesleyan is a small, selective Liberal Arts university with a diverse
student and faculty community, outstanding arts and culture (especially
music and the performing arts), and a tradition of excellence in both
research and teaching. The Sultan lab is a supportive, high-energy group
that currently includes 3 grad students and 4 undergrads.

The campus is located in the small city of Middletown on the Connecticut
River in central CT, close to many hiking and kayaking options. It is
30 minutes from Yale and University of Connecticut, and 2 hoursó drive
to Boston or New York City.

To apply or for further information, please contact Prof. Sonia Sultan
at . Kindly attach a cv that includes: a short
description of PhD project; list of publications or manuscripts in
progress; research skills/experience; and contact information for PhD
advisor and any previous postdoctoral mentors. For position listing see

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