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2 de febrero de 2020

Voluntariado con aves en Australia

Volunteer (with expenses paid) field assistant position to study breeding
ecology in the long-tailed finch hybrid zone in the Kimberley Region of
Australia, March-June 2020

I am looking for an expenses-paid field assistant for the upcoming field
season (March-June 2020) for my PhD project studying breeding behaviour
of long-tailed finches in their genetic hybrid zone. The Kimberley is a
striking and iconic but challenging area in the northern tropical savanna
of Western Australia – it consistently reaches very high temperatures,
but has amazing local wildlife, including rich and unique birdlife,
and beautiful landscapes.

We are interested in the breeding behaviour and patterns where the two
subspecies of long-tailed finch come into contact and will be monitoring
breeding in nest-boxes set up around Kununurra township. We will collect
an array of data, including banding adults and chicks, collecting blood
and sperm samples, measuring body morphology and bill colour, recording
songs, and possibly performing some behavioural experiments. The work
will be demanding, requiring long hours spent outside often in the heat
while handling birds and recording data, and working well as part of the
team. We can provide training for the techniques we use, but bird handling
experience or previous field experience would be highly valuable. That
said, enthusiasm and a positive attitude are the most important attributes
someone could bring to the team. We will alternate between staying in
a caravan park in town or in a national park close by. The costs for
accommodation and travel around the field site will be paid for, as well
as domestic travel to the field site – if you would be travelling from
further afield, we can discuss possibilities on a case by case basis.

Applications should include a CV, a short letter outlining your interests
and motivation and the name of two referees and can be sent to Callum
McDiarmid at callum.mcdiarmid@hdr.mq.edu.au. They will reviewed as they
are received, until the position is filled. If you have any further
questions feel free to shoot me an email.

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