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30 de marzo de 2020

Oferta de doctorado en genómica de insectos (Austria)

Graduate position: Insect
Genomics in Vienna
Boku, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Ph.D. Research Fellow in Insect Genomics

30 h/week

contract 3 years

A Ph.D. position is available at the Department of Forest and Soil
Sciences, Boku, Vienna in the lab of Christian Stauffer.

Apple proliferation is a disease caused by a phytoplasma. These bacteria
are transmitted by different insect species. While several phloem
feeders occur on apple, only a small number is able to acquire and
transmit phytoplasma. This project aims to address the question of the
phytoplasma transmission efficiency of different insect species. Whole
genome sequencing of different insects will be performed to study the
interaction between the phytoplasma and of various vector populations.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with a strong background in
whole genome sequencing and bioinformatics of insects. To investigate
factors affecting transmission efficiency the candidate will perform
genomic analyses of the insects.

The project is in close collaboration with Hannes Schuler (University
of Bolzano). Other partners in the project are Katrin Janik (Research
Centre Laimburg), Rosemarie Tedeschi (University of Turin) and Omar
Rota-Stabelli (Fondazione Edmund Mach).

The salary is according to the standard personnel costs of the FWF

General requirements for the position: The candidate should hold a
Master degree in Entomology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biology or
Evolutionary Biology with a multidisciplinary profile. The candidate
should have excellent communication skills and should be fluent in
English. German skills, although helpful, are not essential.

Please send applications to christian.stauffer@boku.ac.at within April
7th including your CV, a list of publications, cover letter with your
research background and contact information of two supervisors/mentors for
references. Please indicate ???Insect Genomics??? as subject of the mail.

Christian Stauffer, Institute of ForestEntomology, Forest Pathology
and Forest Protection; Department of Forest and Soil Sciences,
Boku, University of Natural Resources andLife Sciences,Vienna, Peter
Jordanstrasse 82-I, SCHW 01/124 1190-Austria

Tel: +43 1 47654-91631

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